By pchrisbosh1
Looks amazing Bjorn and your absolutely insane. I'm glad the oxidation worked for you super easy isn't it? :-)
madmantrez wrote: What are the dimensions you used to replicate the xlr/input/toggle plate?
Really depends on what pack your trying to replicate. On the Sony lobby hero the plate is smaller but on the Minnesota Murray pack the plate is much larger. I replicated the Minnesota plate minus the bent riveted plate that's on the front of it. Bjorn pretty much nailed the Sony plate.
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By bigi71
pchrisbosh1 wrote:Looks amazing Bjorn and your absolutely insane. I'm glad the oxidation worked for you super easy isn't it? :-)
Thanks Chris :)
Yeah, it worked very well and i also played around with some different materials, was pretty interesting to see what else can happen :)
madmantrez wrote:When you were texturizing your shell, how did you approach it? Did you have a certain pattern or depth in mind?
First i just did some tests on a few old fiberglass parts i had left from trimming the shell so i could see if it was even possible, but describing the process of doing it is kinda difficult. I just looked at reference pics and also at how the spray texture looks like and then i tried to make the pattern as random as possible while also trying to have the same size and depth of it for at least most of the time, so i could have it like how it acutally looks on the real packs...hmm, i guess you just have to try it and get a feel of how to move the dremel to achieve the best result. It took a while to figure out the best way to do it. So are you going to try it too ? Would be cool to see :)
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By bigi71
Small update today,
i wasnt very happy with my metallic N-filter label, it was inaccurate and i also didnt really like normal printed grey ones so i tried making my own. After numerous experiments with stencils that didnt turn out too well i bought some t-shirt transfer foil for cheap and gave it a try. First i took some very thin clear plastic material and dabbed grey and white paint on it with a small sponge. Then the transfer foil was ironed onto it after the paint dried. It was a bit tricky to do and i a few turned out really bad but after a while i got two nice ones that i could use:

Of those two one already had scratches in the paint which i did with a screwdriver before the transfer was put on, so i chose to use that one. Here im test fitting it before final weathering:

And now after weathering it more with a hot needle, pliers and some bondo:
I also gave the dry rub schematic i got from Brian a clearcoat, so now it has this rectangle around it like it does on the sony pack.

Not perfect but pretty good id say, i like this better than any normal grey label ive seen :)
By GeneralFROSTY
Easily one of the most epic and impressive pack builds in the history of this hobby.
This thread has my jaw dropped!
Really a true testement to how dedicated and talented independent prop builders can be!
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By kind2311
holy crap man i totally didnt see the updates when you textured the pack, youre an insane genius.

honestly thought, ive come to expect no less from you.

one last thing brother, shorten that bottom ion arm rod to 4 inches and make the copper turn brown and id say this pack is officially done.
By lannyjack
I want to make THIS pack. Awesome, awesome stuff. This will be my reference when putting together and weathering my pack. Love the little details like the rusted screws and the yellowing around the hoses.
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By c.fago
bigi71 wrote:
Another thing i did was making a more accurate new socket for my flashbulb, new ones on the left, old one on the right:
One of the two new ones will hopefully arrive at its new owner soon ;)

It looks like this when installed:
I knew about the flashbulbs from sometime, but never focused on the sockets before. In all the reference pics I seen they aren't clearly visible as well as I never noticed the little screw holding them in place. There's some picture that shows the whole inside barrel assembly very closely? You made the socket by yourself as this kind is not more available on the market?

About the bargraph, I decided to follow your steps but I fear cyanoacrylate can fog the clear plastic... It not happened to you?

Sorry for so many questions.

Ah, I forgot, this thread (and this build) is just... AWESOME!
By Alex Newborn
Yeah, I noticed the other day that in some of my older threads, the pics are no longer showing up. They're all still on my FB albums, so I must have torpedoed myself here when I moved pics from one album to another, attempting to better organize them on there.

On some forums, you can go back and edit your own posts, but here that's not possible, right?

By drjameshouse
I was looking through some old files and I actually backed up all the pictures from this thread. If people would like them to be reloaded I can throw them in my photobucket account and maybe a mod could help fix the links? I really think we should try to get these photos back....this is such a great scratchbuild.
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