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By nick-a-tron
In my neverending quest for even more accurate parts it was time to turn my attention to the booster frame. Thanks to some very helpful members I was able to get ahold of the correct rubber mat, DIXON pencils and masonite board. I was going to start from complete scratch but seeing as i was totally happy with the overall dimensions of my current frame, stripping the master down and re-building it up seemed a better option (dont worry I have a resin master kept aside).

The "brick" pattern rungs will be made by building one, casting it 3 times and inserting them inside the frame. Keeps them identical and saves on time :) Im also thinking of casting the pencils before chopping them up for piece of mind and to hide the lead inside.

Heres a quick shot of my parts collection. Will be updating this thread as the build progresses :)

By jimbo7
Nick, the booster "sides" where the mat lays does not have a taper. It's actually flat. Just wanted to let you know incase you were unaware.
By jackdoud
I'll be doing this as well in the coming weeks, I look forward to seeing how yours comes out. I can't tell from the glare on them but do you have the correct large-font, large-dash 1388 pencils or the newer small-dash style? I'm still looking for a second vintage pencil. :sigh:
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By pchrisbosh1
Looks great Nick seriously can't wait. Quick note im sure you just laid it down however for the pic but you have the Masonite pattern vertical in the picture, for the correct pattern you'll have to turn it horizontal. I marked it along the edges with marker which way the pattern should run. It's tricky thats what I did it, the pattern is only accurate one way from what I noticed. Look forward to more progress Nick.
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By CPU64
So how do the numbers on this part compare to stefan's plans? Are there more correct measurements for people who want to make their own frame?
By hooker
The 3.125" for width that chapter listed is right in line with my notes with my overall height being closer to 5.875" in the center. (based off the PH pack) The boosters themselves vary ever so slighty with certain measurements partly due to the warping and what not.

Stefans .75" specs for the outside edge portion (mat and pencil area) are very close.
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By nick-a-tron
Hmm. i counted the number of "bricks" on the masonite board on the screen used packs and they were all 4 high. This came to 5.75mm in height for each rung. The do look a little skinny to me even on the real frames.

Id be interested to see what measurements you come up with Jack :)
By jackdoud
If you matched up the "bricks" (and your masonite is the same scale as the original) You're probably good. I gave TJ measurements of my rubber mat (same stuff as you got) to scale to his new plans and he says the mat doesn't fit right. If you scaled the sides to the size of the mat that may be what's throwing it off. It's not off by much though so you should probably just go with it.
By hooker
The cut of the mat for the boosters is a little strange. The outside edges (opposite of the pencils) are half triangles or peaks. Basically the peak cut right down the middle and layed flush with the edge. From there it looks to be 3 full triangles (peaks) and the last triangle (peak) butting into the pencil itself. If you follow those guidelines you should end up with something very close.
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By CPU64
The frame is the last piece I need to make for my pack. Since its a separate part screwed to the pack, I can make a more accurate one later on. But the holes would have to be correct on the booster tube no matter what. Did anyone take measurements of the frame between hole centers?
By Spengler28
nick-a-tron wrote:Thanks! Right now im still fiddling with the template. Once i get that sorted the building portion should be easy.

Aiming for them to be ready for sale early Jan.

Excellent news, the timing for me will just be perfect! keep it up :P!!
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By pchrisbosh1
Hey Nick just wondering if there is any update on the frame? Still excited to see your results.

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