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By kind2311
how dare you. were you not a child of the 80's? were you not on the west side of the wall?
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By bigi71
haha, sure im a child of the 80´s and i was also in the west....i loved the turtles when i was a kid but i didnt watch it for such a long time that i forgot about these "details" :oops:
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By KagaSakai
Leonardo leads, Donatello does machines (that's a fact, jack)! Raphael is cool but rude (gimme a break), Michelangelo is a party dude!
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By Alex Newborn
Awwwww, not Raphael! Everyone know Michaelangelo is the best turtle =)
A man after my own heart.

When I was buying the old Playmates TMNT figures in the 80's, I very seldom bought any other character than Michaelangelo. No matter what the theme was, only the Mikey figure ever appealed to me.

I only had Don, Raph, and Leo in the original versions, and YEARS later I found the movie versions for a couple bucks each and bought those.

And while I've got this old thread not only resurrected but totally hijacked, I found the TMNT discussion particularly funny because just a couple of days ago at work, the bartender turns to me and asks for the name of the 'brain' character from the cartoon.

I'm like the walking 80's trivia computer.

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