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By Vincenzo330
The turtles are such a sore subject right now, I'm heartbroken over the inclusion of Michael Bay.


But yeah, Mikey was my homey all throughout childhood. I grew up in New York and when I was 18 I joined the military, in Boot Camp I met a guy from Huntington Beach California who talked just like Michaelangelo, I thought for the longest time that he was putting me on, there was no way that real people talked like that right? In 2003 I got stationed in Southern California and... Holy Crap! People do talk like that!

Don't even get me stared on the Cholos who sound like they're straight from "Blood In Blood Out"...
By geekyscreenname
could you message me with the file you used to print out the motherboard. I am building my first pack and would like to trace the motherboard onto plywood for my first build. Would you please help with that?

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