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BY janderson0719
I put this list together because I've recently been gathering certain information, and ran into all the following screw sizes on different threads, so I decided to make it all available in one place. The following is what I found, but if anyone wants to revise something, by all means, go ahead.

GB1 Pack:

1/4-20 socket cap screw - shell to mobo, HGA.

10-32 socket cap screw - booster frame, ion arm end cap, bumper.

8-32 socket cap screw - ribbon cable clamp, clippard 331 valve(some hero packs may had 10-32).

4-40 socket cap screw - resistors on ion arm.

GB1 Thrower:

10-32(not sure of size) slotted fillister head - clippard 701 valve

8-32 socket cap screw - gun track discs, base plate of gun box(possibly some throwers), screw in between side gun discs.

6-32 socket cap screw - rear bar instrument, front handle base, base plate of gun box(some throwers), barrel lock.

6-32 flat socket cap - V-hook on gun track

4-40 socket cap screw - top knob, heat sink (screw in from inside gun box)
BY Socko525
Devin, I've got a ton of screws, if I dont have all of them, I think I may be able to point you in the direction of where to get some. I'll prob bring a trunk full of stuff on Monday, just to give you an idea

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Here's some info I've collected on this subject. Also I was thinking about offering full sets for sale pending interest. Prices are still a number crunching game but I'm gonna try to keep it as cheap as possible. Ace sells alot of the stuff needed but the prices are about 50 cents a bolt. I'm hoping for half that price. Well here's the info:
gekx wrote: Ppack Screws & bolts


6-32 cap head screws:
Instrument bar
Barrel lock
Bottom plate
Front gun ear
Gun knub under the brass washers

6-32 flat hex head screws:

8-32 cap head screws:
Gun track
Also correct for the bottom plate
Screw between the side adjustment knobs

4-40 cap head screw:
Top knob

Proton Pack:

4-40 cap heads

2 resistors on the ion arm.

8-32 cap heads:

Booster frame (on some packs)
Screw beneath the ribbon cable hole ( on the one pack )
2 screws through the ribbon cable clamp
2 screws through the clippard valve

10-32 cap heads:

Booster frame (on some packs)
Ion Arm

1/4-20 cap head:

4 on the HGA
4 attaching the bumper (1/4 pan head Phillips on GB2 packs)
4 for attaching the shell to the mobo (1/4 pan head Phillips on GB2 packs)

8-32 slotted flat head machine screws:
2 for v-hook bracket
I also found this info in a couple threads:
irricanian wrote:I include hardware with most of my parts offered (ie: ribbon clamps, HGA, motherboard mounting kit)

Allen bolts
Ribbon clamp #8 x 1" long x 2
Ribbon P-clip #10 x 1" long x 1
HGA 1/4" x 1/4" long x 5
Motherboard mounts 1/4" x 1.25" long x 4
Booster frame #10 x 1" long x 1 (p-clip bolt holds the bottom end)
Resistors #4 x 3/8" long x 4
Dixie V-hook spacer #10 x 1" long x 2

Pan head Phillips

Bumper 1/4" x 1.5" long x 4 (nut on the inside of the shell)
Dixie V-hook #10 x 1/2" long x 2
I'm pretty sure I'm missing a couple things like Button head's used on the thrower.
I made a socket cap screw run today with mixed results. I went to Lowe's first and found the 8-32 set of 4 I needed. That was $1.50. They didn't have the 4-40s or the 10-32s I also wanted, so I went to Home Depot. HD had a wide selection of socket cap screws, but they were stainless steel, which wasn't what I wanted. The black alloy ones were in a drawer with metric cap screws, so I bought some 5mm x 30mm, which was pretty close to the 10-32s, close enough for me. Two bags of two cost $1.60. No 4-40 socket cap screws at Home Depot either. I'll look at a hardware store like Ace another time to see if I can find those for my resistors.

I got home and found that the ion arm holes weren't big enough for the 10-32 (or 5mm), so I just subbed in my 8-32s. The holes were predrilled when I bought the part off ebay a long time ago, so I wasn't shocked. I traded the 5mm screws that were for the ion arm to the Clippard, which worked out fine. Yeah, it's inaccurate, but way better than the phillips head screws I had there for years in the first place. I also put a pair of 8-32s in the booster frame. (Now that I think about it, I could have been more accurate by putting the 10-32s in the booster frame, which apparently can go either way, and then used the 8-32s in the Clippard. Oh well, too late now and I don't care.)

I already had the right screws in my thrower thanks to irricanian's kit, and my ribbon cable clamp also came with the right screws, so those were good as well. Now I just want to get my 4-40s for my ion arm resistors and I might also review my bumper screws.

If anybody knows a good source for the 4-40s, let us know!
Michael Scott wrote:If anybody knows a good source for the 4-40s, let us know!
I bought a box of them online but I've also seen them locally at a Sears Hardware. I've also heard rumors that Ace Hardware stores have them.
I live near an awesome hardware store that has a whole back room of hardware goodies. One of the family owned places. The best.
We were having a small discussion about the socket cap heads used on the gun-track disks; as to what size was used. I've read 8-32 in a lot of places but when we looked at reference pics it appears larger. a 10-32 or maybe even 1/4-20. So whats the consensus on the gun-track disks?
Is it: *8-32*, *10-32*, or *1/4-20* socket cap heads.
It was also discussed that it may have varied much like a lot of the hardware but is either a 10-32 or 1/4-20 not a 8-32
Please share your opinions

Be watching my shop very very soon for all your hardware needs ;)
I think most agree on 8-32 for the gun track.

Can anyone with great knowledge know if 8-32 was used on the instrument bar, as well as 6-32?

Mine is 8-32, and I'm contemplating whether I should change this little detail on my thrower.
jackdoud wrote:The gun disks used either 8-32's or else button heads on the stunt throwers. Anything larger is way too big.

The instrument bar used 6-32.
what would you say is the socket screw that holds the washer that holds the gun disk down?
Ok so 8-32 for the gun-track disks seems to be the answer. But can be still open for debate based on some of the reference photos we have been looking at.

If it is 8-32 for sure then I would say most throwers used 6-32 for the bottom plate. All the photos I've seen the bottom plate screws are smaller.

On too the next discrepancy.. 1/4-20 or 10-32 for the bumper?

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Ace didn't carry the 4-40s either. The guy there recommended a place called Fastenal, so I went there. They had some, but you had to buy them in bulk, so I have 100 now. Hmm, I wonder if there's anyone I could share these with...
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