Satin black looking slick hoot. Are you planning on doing the weld between the booster tube and ion arm?
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By Hoot
I'm still in the air about that. The build is going to slow down some until I have some more parts come in and some more cash....
Buying a truck and having to buy parts has put a major hit on the ol' wallet.

That being said, I am open to doing it but will need some ideas when I get to that bridge in the build.
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By Hoot
I didn't do many. I used the pre-existing dimples (THANK f*** FOR THEM) and drilled the center-peg for the clippard, the vacuum tube bolt hole and one hole for the elbow on the rim of the cyclotron.

And yes, I did pull those plugs out the ends of the SMC elbows guys. Thanks for the heads up on that :)
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By Hoot
Today I did some more drilling. Hole for the HGA, holes for the PPD mounted, SMC Straights drilled, and...the N-Filter....

I went as slow as humanly possible but inevitably (in my opinion) the gel coating on this shell flaked a bit. Nothing terrible.

Next up to learn .....BONDO... lol

Pics to follow next week. Got called into work so I am working 4 straight 12's. UNTIL THEN!!!!
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By Hoot
Just a few questions to be answered here folk.
1) What size are the cap bolts used on the Clippard on the pack?
2) Which way is the GB1 way to mount the injectors to the shell?

Anyone able to help?


PS - Say a prayer for the victims of terrorism today in Kenya. One was a colleague of mine. Rough day at the office.
Really sorry to hear about your friend Hoot, our thoughts are with his family and friends.

The Clippard uses 8-32 socket cap screws, and for the injectors (i can't remember if it was a bit of a myth), if you're looking from the side of the pack they should be further away from the motherboard for GB1.

So in this pic you should mount them with that sticking-out section of the base nearer the shell:

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By Hoot
As a few of you know I may have to take a hiatus due to a work related injury. I will be updating as necessary and as I can. I am still needing some parts. Mostly the L brackets for mounting to mobo.

I ordered my hook kit from Ejgunth87 and it has been shipped. Is one of last parts needed for pack. Next up will be lights and sound kit and custom bracketry.
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By Hoot
Good news today. Neck is better for the most part.
More pics to come for monday. I'm in the process of dry fitting my shell with the remaining parts. Bumper booster and frame. Also need to fit some custom L brackets to mobo and get them on before I go further. Need to bondo as well.
Should be #10 socket caps for the booster frame, plus a brass washer on each screw if you like (they weren't on all packs).

To mount it to the shell you can use whatever you prefer. The originals were riveted, most people just tap three or four holes into the booster tube and use screws and washers from the inside of the shell.
Hoot wrote:So about to mount my booster and frame. Size caps do I need for the frame to the booster and booster to shell? Anyone?
I have noticed you have kept asking for the what size screws/caps/bolts to use on parts, so I thought I would let you know about this thread: http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... =2&t=28546

And then of course there is gEkX's Hardware Shop that has info and you can buy all in one place: http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 83#p370500

I'm sure they don't list every single one you may need but I do hope this helps.
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By Hoot
That list is tits man thanks!
I think today I am going to tackle mounting my mobo to the frame.

My frame is from the shop and its sadly a MILSPEC and not an original. I'm missing hole placement on lower portion of frame. Also, don't know bolt size and spacer sizes to snap it on. Any help here would be greatly appreciated
Hoot wrote:That list is tits man thanks!
I think today I am going to tackle mounting my mobo to the frame.

My frame is from the shop and its sadly a MILSPEC and not an original. I'm missing hole placement on lower portion of frame. Also, don't know bolt size and spacer sizes to snap it on. Any help here would be greatly appreciated
I found this....not sure if it's 100% accurate or not though. http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 794#p16794
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By Hoot
Helps but noted a few issues.

Motherboard ordered from GBFans shop doesn't match up with the shell ordered from there either

Another is that the frame is MILSPEC with no holes on the bottom. So now I have to figure out how in hell I'm going to mate THAT up.

Do it like I did. Find a place on the frame where the middle hole in the mobo lines up then check the bottom holes and see if they are more or less in the center of the bottom cross member of the frame and use a sharpie. That is what I did and it came out great. As long as the middle hole is right and the bottom holes are as much to the center of that cross member of the frame you should be golden. Also as far as the mobo goes you want it to overlap just a little on the edges. The original packs had extra in some places and overlapped so I wouldn't sweat it that much. As long as it covers the whole back and there are no gaps in the back you should be good. Mine over laps more in some places but I feel it gives it more or a home made feel. Like I built it and that's what I wanted to happen. Plus I myself do not think it takes anything away from it. Plus once you get the shell on and everything is done you will hardly see it anyway. Hope this helps and keep up the amazing work. That shell is sexy.
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By Hoot
So I left some overlap on both sides, the top and the bottom today so far. I HANDCUT the L-Brackets (after 4 beers.... I only had a hacksaw), riveted 'em to the motherboard using the fit, check, refit, check, drill, rivet, check refit, drill rivet....etc method. I need to drill a few more holes (bumper, shock mount, vacuum line hose, ribbon cable hole, and refill the previous drill holes for the cable clamp, and i can almost see the end of the tunnel!!!
I have to pick up my v-hook kit ordered from Ejgunth87 and get it drilled onto the shell with the reinforcement plate....I'll be good to go.

I am super excited on how it looks so far.
Ok time for yet another update. I recieved my v-hook today (was at my PO on saturday) and got it mounted and installed. Only issue with it is that the screws protrude through the actual hooking portion. I dunno if I need to stand the screws off a bit via a set of small washers but maybe Ejgunth can chime in.

That being said, I pounded through the last few holes in the shell. 3/4" holes drilled, bumper mounted and shock mount holes set up. With this shock mount, I will be mixing GB2 into the mix. its because of the big ass lag hole through it so I am going to use a 5/8" tall 1/4 spacer to stand it upright with the bolt locking to the inside until I am able to get my mitts on something more appropriate.

Booster tube and frame were painted today. Shell completely disassembled and bondo'd in places that required it (2-3 holes on N-Filter, 2 spots around the cyclotron, and where I f**** up the placement on the cable clamps).
I will now wait until it dries; sand it...then give this bitch a bath with warm soapy water in the hopes we can have it primer coated tomorrow. If that falls into place, she should be Satan coated (yes I'm aware I misspelled that) by Thursday just in time for me to go back to....work friday. Bollocks.

Pics to follow later this evening! I know I have been slacking in that department because we allllllll need our Pack Porn....
I was just about to say...PIIIIICCCCSSSS!!!! Then i saw the end of your post :-)

Eric used long screws for the v-hook on purpose because of the different thicknesses people may have with their shell gun mounts. When you've got it screwed on with the reinforcement plate, measure and cut the two screws down to length with a hacksaw or dremel (the ends may need tidying up, too) so they are level with the face of the v-hook.

Hope this helps!
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Yeah I did this because everyone's shell is different, and I wanted to make sure to use screws that would accomodate all shells. A hacksaw shouldn't take ya more than 30 seconds per screw.
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Also; need to find a good rechargable battery that I can use with this sound board. I'd like one big ass battery that wont explode on my back and that I can wire to recharge outside the shell (from a plug on the motherboard or otherwise.
I'll show you.....THIS

Could still use some help with the battery annnd.... I think that's it for the moment... waitin on some small shit to come but that's it thus far.

I'm following the lead of others and building an electronics shelf of sorts soon enough
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