All I can say is that my 2 speakers arent the greatest. Playing ambient hum doesn't give a great noise and it does vibrate like hell.... Some parts too lol
The e-cig I can't figure out what the hell went wrong because it was working so well before. Now it just shorts. Checked all my leads and everything is fine far as I can tell so I've just removed it and ordered one from Jim lol least I know it'll be cleaner and work ;)

To quote Bishopdonmiguel a Lil; another all-fired clusterf**k lol
I got a deal of free speakers from Crutchfield, so I did my research and got the best speakers available! They did not, and have not yet disappointed me... ;)
Hoot wrote:another all-fired clusterf**k lol
Needed a chuckle. This made my day. Thanks buddy.
Other than installing a new eCig vent, got any other crazy plans coming up, Hoot?
I used these, they already have 5V USB out ports... Expensive, but sooooo worth it... http://www.usledsupply.com/shop/12v-bat ... 00mah.html


Unfortunately, if you plug both the soundboard and your Bluetooth into the same battery, it introduces quite a bit of noise... But if you use your current battery to power your soundboard, and this battery to power your miscellaneous stuff (Bluetooth, cellphone charger, vent mechanism, extra lights, etc.) You should have no problem! Only problem would be chalking up the dough for the battery...
That looks pretty serious indeed. Downside is my phone would need a big amp draw. Its ridiculous how much draw it takes because of turbo boost technology apparently.
Ok, because I can't wait for parts to ship from bloody Asia; does anyone wanna share some good electronics components links?
Specifically - plugs, chargers, potentiometers - you know, stuff nobody in Canada carries because we don't need them apparently.
I have always gotten most of my stuff from either RadioShack or Amazon. Also try PartsExpress, they usually have some good things
thebigone2087 wrote:I have always gotten most of my stuff from either RadioShack or Amazon. Also try PartsExpress, they usually have some good things
Bless your heart. Right what I was looking for.
OK here's the next conundrum. I don't wanna blow anymore holes in my motherboard so I've sourced an XLR plate (Thanks Eric!) And instead of using the XLR jack for power/recharge, I'd like to wire it as an audio jack. Is this a possibility and if so, anyone wanna point me to some parts/part numbers?
Did my own research and got it all wired up. I now have a dedicated line to an XLR jack for audio. The plate is installed and as of now this thread is retired.

Over the past two years, I've come a long way and I gotta take time to thank everyone who has helped me along this long and fun path.
Ejgunth87 - my go to man. Your beautiful wares and honest personality helped make this happen.
Wharin - those late nights and chats convincing me to learn and ask ; without your help I wouldn't have learned half the shit I have.
Vinny - thanks for your fast references and help early on. This helped me immensely hit the ground running
PssdffJay - swear we ran off each other for how long. Thanks for the push!
Pyhasanon - your build helped me go back and improve the gong show inside my pack. Job well done buddy
Bish - your build helped me go back and realize I could clean up quite a bit. And that I should. Thank you my friend
Spongeface - asking a million technical questions and making YouTube videos to troubleshoot helped. A care package is inbound brother!
Riggs - man... My partner in crime....er.... Brother in arms... I'm glad that I was helpful enough to give you the push but you taught me to push back and build better. Thank you brother.
Grimmy - something something beer and guns lol thanks for being a great man and an amazing builder.
To everyone who jumped in, offered help, support and generally gave me a push and put up with my endless questions debates and random beers...I thank you. I've now realized my dream and slowly... Slowly...plan...the...next...adventure.
Retiring this thread!?! I need to start drinking.
thebigone2087 liked this
Dude, you give me too much credit, most of my ideas were inspired by other build here as well... very little of what I did was original, just building on concepts I learned from others... including your thread! ;)

Anywho, looking forward to your next adventure after the trap... and to seeing you again at a future event! I'll bring new flavors to season my pack for you... =P
We're one big family *beer*, learning and growing. I think this is our little niche, and *beer* can't wait to see more from it, especially you, Matt!
Retiring?! WTF?? You're only "done" until someone comes up with something cool to add or a more screen accurate part. Look at what we've learned in the last couple years like, e cig venting, pop mechs etc... so really, we are never "done". Just paused.

Its been a hell of a ride brother! I learned a lot more from you than you from me, especially what not to do! ;-) Kidding! I love the looks I get when I warn people about the safety squint.

I definitely need to get my ass out to the east so I can hang out with all you guys. My goal is still Dragon Con one year.
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