By Hammer
So with 2 scratch builds winding down for the bigger kids, here's the concept for my little guys pack. He's about to blow a gasket because I haven't started his yet. Let the fun begin!

By Hammer
Thanks Matt.....the little guy is 5

I'm glad this concept is up and running. Made pretty good progress last night


Then some sanding this morning


The woman is out and about running errands all day so I should make some more strides today. I'll snap a few pics as I go and update later today.....
By PssdffJay
Wow!! Thanks for the perspective shot. I had no idea how much smaller that was! You're making quick work of that one. All the practice with the other 2 paid off.

This is going to be great! What are you going to do for straps?
By Hammer
Straps will probably be from a back pack. The only problem I foresee is scaling down some pieces and parts. If nothing else, I'll break out some clay.......
By Hammer
Thanks! After staring at it for a bit this morning, I think the Sync Gen needs to be a little taller. I think most of the other proportions are ok. I want this to weigh as little as possible but I want it to look good. The balance between looking good and weight is def a fine line.
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By syckotheklown
Its comig along great. As for scaling. In my opinion, if you shorten the gear box a little and lengthen the gun mount a little it should line up nice. The gun mount should be closer to the height of the gear box. Still looks cool as hell though.
By Hammer
Right on. I'm paying lots of dues sanding that gear box. I'll give it a look see. I'm guessing that I'll be more inclined to cut off more than I'll
By redfive1973
Awesome job. Awesome dad. Win win.
By Mat
Hammer wrote:Right on. I'm paying lots of dues sanding that gear box.
I'm gonna add that to my list of expressions at work regarding grinding/buffing/sanding! (Getting exercise, building character and paying dues!) :mrgreen:
By Hammer
Im planing out the bumper now. I had to take a break from it for a few days and gather some ideas and make some Hopefully I'll make some forward progress today !
By Hammer
By Hammer
Coop came out to get a thrower. I went in to see what he was doing......watching GB2. This is awesome.

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