By Hammer
So insanity has really set in.

I've got 3 packs going, all in different stages of completion. Thanks to all of you here, I'm hooked on the builds. Today while working a basically "desk" assignment, I found some card stock and started drawing.....


I was able to complete the entire upper deck today. Numbers and tabs....Damn.

When I got home I was able to get a start before nap time and work


This project will be my go to when I hit snags with the others. I'm thinking I'll like it though.....
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By Hammer
These files are a mash up. I looked at every set of plans I could find. I've printed them all out and have notes scribbled everywhere in my notebook. For these drawings I used a lot of measurements from Stefan's and the GBItalia plans.

I researched the discrepancies that I questioned from Norms and Bishop's plans. Most if those were cosmetic, angles a few mm here or there...etc. NO disrespect to those two sets or individuals. It appears they blazed the trail for thousands of new GB builders.

I've also been following the new GBFans thread. Since none of that is approved yet, I researched some of the stickier arguments and went with my own judgement. I'll still can't decide on the elevation change from top to bottom on the Crank Generator face. It see it plainly in some and it's not there in others. I went to the GBFans mostly for direction on different curves and angles. The more research I do, the more I notice missing from the older plans, as far as details. It also seems the Bigi/GBFans shell is the current front runner on accepted accuracy.

My biggest decisions were with the fins. Angles or no angles. I finally decided on the angles for accuracy but I will not be recreating a botched cut or any errant holes. Nor will I be recreating a wood grain on a flat surface. Original sloppy work is still sloppy

So, with all that said, I'd like to call them mine but all I did was get a ruler and pencil and made sure I had right angles....I think most of the minute details I was concerned with will come out in the sanding....i.e build a squared edge and sand the ideal curvature.
By Hammer
Alan I'm glad you like. When it comes to the resin and glassing and Rondo, I may be hitting up up for techniques and suggestions!

I'm already nervous and will probably do a redo. I've got about 15 pages of drawings but its on 65 lb card stock. It looks like 110 lb stock would be better. I'm going to try the power cell as is. I'd rather redo drawings now. Since they're all "kinda original/kinda not, as drawn by me" (ref my earlier explanation) there are no copies. I'd rather redo whole sheets on 110 referring to what I've got instead of pouring through and recreating again.
By Hammer
Not gonna lie.....I'm flying blind with this part of the build. At least the measurements are right.

By Hammer
Rocks moved and yard pretty. On to the important stuff! Finished some cuts, glued my fingers together a few times but she's all one piece now!



I'm pretty amazed. Using as many different sets of plans to come to a happy medium, all seemed to gel. I didn't scrub many measurements against each other as I put this together....but it's working!
By Hammer
Thanks guys! This pile of paper is pure blind luck. I'm working at my buddies landscaping business today.I'm hoping to do the first coat of resin this afternoon.
By wardarkfox
Looking Great! My little bit of wisdom for your pep pack is when you go to put fiberglass on the inside if you want to have it extra strong, put two layers if you can. I did it to mine and it is solid.
By Borzou
Dude, this looks pretty sweet. Good job.
By Hammer
Actually had a free evening and did the first coat of resin. I'm beyond happy with the results so far. 90 minutes later it was dry with no warping. I'm thinking about 3 coats should do it (open to suggestions). I just did the second coat and will probably wait til Saturday for a third.

By Hammer
I used super glue to attch all the individual pieces. I also put in some internal slats of plywood strips with a bit of hot glue. I plan on removing most of them when I start cutting out the inside connecting walls that wont be necessary before glassing. And yes, its all just brushed on! I bought some cheapo brushes that are going straight to the trash.
By Hammer
Total running cost so far is right around $40. About half of that is super
By Hammer
I took the night off and am about to embark on some rondo action.....stay tuned for updates!

Running cost is now at approx $60
By Hammer
I had a marathon work session last it is so far

On the Rondo...I decided I wanted to experiment with a few different things. I mixed some thin and did a sort of gel coat on the outside. Then I mixed some a bit thicker to play with the slush coating technique inside the cyclotron. The outside did ok. Nothing too exciting good or bad. The cyclotron I probably went a little too much but I was fascinated in watching it Ended up with some minimal warping of the face but the body filler will fix that.


Then....since the temps hovered around 70 last night, I drank some beers and decided it was time to learn how to fiberglass. What a f*cking ridiculous mess!! I had fun but it was an adventure. I'm 100% sure I will never get a call from Bowling Green, KY to work on All went well until I ran out of liquid hardener. Since it was like 2AM I decided to call it off. I'll grab some today and finish the inside.


Overall, I'm thinking success so far. I'm sure my techniques will improve with knowledge. Damn, I hope so... I can't get much sloppier...

Pending any setbacks......I'm looking at a shell for less than $80. Not bad and I'm happy that I made it myself!
By Hammer
The only update I have is, Bondo and I are not playing nice together. Im not sure if its the weather or im using a bit too much hardener but........damn. This stuff is more touchy than a pissed off

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