Its been a bit since I posted a build but I figured now would be a good time. The theme pack idea seems to have taken off and I have wanted to do a mash up pack for some time now. Well Darthdono74, Quietontheset, Myself, and another member of our group decided to not only build 1 but to build 4 identical packs! My pack is well on its way to being finished so I figured I would start the thread off. Hopefully the other will chime in with pics of their builds as well.

So here is the shell with the booster tube mounted and the N-filter cut off. I think this pic may give away the mashup we are going for.

After fitting all the parts painting began. This kind of gives a good look of where this is going.

We decided to use all resin pack parts but use real resistors, elbows, and clippard brass parts.

Since its a theme/mashup pack we decided to omit the clippard valve and to use a button like the RGB packs appeared to have. We choose to use a Square-D button that is very similar to the one that was on Janine's desk. The silver ring has been painted to match the rest of the button now.

Another RGB nod is a yellow power cell acrylic instead of the movie accurate red one.

So here we are with the main pack body all finished up. Just wating on some special order tubing as you can see our special split loom had already arrived.

The project is well farther ahead than this shows but I figure this is a good stopping point. Next time I will show some more of our RGB nods and show the thrower beginnings.

We hope you all enjoy checking them out as much as we have building them!
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THAT is so cool!

Great to see you back Joe :)
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Yes! Ive been so excited to see this build on the site. Cant wait to see the rest
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Letmebleed75 wrote:MOAR!!!!!

Well OK then.

How about a motherboard? Typical aluminum board but we had special vent plates water jetted to replicate the ones on the cartoon packs.

And now something you'll all probably wanting to see. The thrower!

We started with a typical movie thrower, but painted it the same shade of blue as the pack.

Then we painted the grips brown to match the cartoon and wrapped wires for the hat light and ear button around the front handle and incased them in a grey 1/4" split loom. We are also using all white hatlights on these builds.

We decided to change the tubing on the gun to better match the RGB theme. Yellow for the banjos and white for the rear instrument bar.

And here is how my RGB/Movie hybrid pack as it sits right now. You can see a gauge where the crank knob should be but instead we opted for an amp gauge that will be connected to the battery.

There is more to come.
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Omg im so doing this pack! STRAIGHT EPICITY!
Noobies take notes. Don and Joe are master craftsman with their ingenuity and ability to work.outside the box on these projects. Ive had the pleasure of hanging out with them and much of the norcal group as well. I am taking notes as they always show ways to improve yourselves as prop builders
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Thanks for the kind words Chris. You are always welcome to hang with us.
Couldnt have said it better craig. Right on the money
I LOVE this theme pack! Very well done and damn-fine color choices! It's down-right sexy. Please tell me that it will incorporate having the ghost trap attach to the left side of the pack...that was always a standout feature in animated series that just balanced the pack out and really appealed to me.
Wow... thats is amazing!!1 That pack looks great guys!! Question - How did you fill in the space the N-filter use to be?
Cardboard, fiberglass, and bondo. It's a pretty simple patch. The sanding and smoothing is the tough part.
Thanks AJ. That has been our reaction as well.
ahhhhh it's alright I guess.......

;) Dude that vent on the mobo is super awesome.

Carry on :cool:

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