Hey guys. I am sort of new sort of not to GB fans. I am going to get this out in the open right now. I have a bob's pack. It's basically garbage in my opinion. I have not been too happy about it since I bought it (in 2012 I think). I have major major problems with the "finished product". I noticed that he is not on ebay anymore (not that I saw anyway when I searched for proton packs) and I can definitely see why. I also read the "email" he sent in reference to the refurbished product that Joe is doing. Got a little ticked off by that email. Just a wee bit. I want curse like a truck driver right now but I dont want to break any forum rules.
Joe if you are making it a common practice to refurb his packs please let me know. I dont want to start a war here about it (but at the same time I kinda do) and if someone could send me a private message or maybe in chat or something that would be great. I am willing to post pictures. I have a laundry list of things that I see wrong with the pack. You know the thing that gets me is I paid a pretty hefty price for his pack at the time. (Over 2k) and my reasoning was "I have been wanting one of these since I was 5. Well...now is the time." I explained as much to him and it was every guarantee in the book and I trusted him and that's on me. It's my fault. I get it. I just want to fix it some how. (By the way "Bob" if you end up reading this. In your email you said something about "holes" in the resin of the bumper that Joe was putting on? or something along those lines? Yea well my whole Neutrona wand is loaded with them. Air bubbles. Pockets. Whatever. Also....the light in the vent box is a static light. Not a blinking one. Also....your shell...it should match your board. Not be close to half an inch too small on the whole top side) And that's another thing. He basically says in his response email that he is now using better products and what not. Well how come I pay over 2k and I get the short of it....which he must have obviously realized. But now it's ok? Like do you see where I am going with this? Should have dont something about it. Emails to customers...something. Offering something. " we have improved our build quality since then mostly because we finally remade all our molds. Our old molds were pretty burned up, we are using a better material now that has a longer life, so the parts fair better pull after pull." Soooo I got screwed on a shell? Is that it? Because mine is totally warped. Came out of the box like that. Had to try and get "Weather stripping" between the shell and board to fill in th gap/gaps because you were able to see the "Led" lights clear as day through them. So yea...I am little pissed.

Anyway sorry for the rant. Like I said someone on here PM me or Chat or something. Thanks a lot guys.
This entire thread has been a horror story...put right in the case of the refurb but I just feel so disgusted by the whole thing...Tim2029, I hope you find some resolution for your problem.
Hey Tim,

I feel your pain man. Believe me.... $2.5k is a lot of money. I can't remember if I documented my back and forth email experience with Bob but it was very similar to yours. I purchased this pack on eBay as an alleged "DEAL". His premium packs with sound were advertised on his site at $2500. His eBay listing was listed as his "premium pack" discounted $500. So at $2k, I jumped on it! Soon after, he reached out to me and offered me the "sound package" for $500 to ensure I had the pack I always dreamed of. Confused, I mentioned that his pack was listed as his "premium pack" which includes lights and sound (built in speaker). After several back and forth emails, he removed his premium pack listing on his site and said the one I purchased WAS NOT the premium pack. Not wanting to deal with this anymore, I upgraded to the sound package and sent an additional $500. (God that hurts to say that out loud). As soon as I switched on the pack, the cyclotron lights wouldn't cycle and the pack wouldn't charge. Despite the fact that the parts looked second rate and the matty wand malfunctioned in more ways than I can describe, Bob was late to respond to my email complaints, didn't offer to ship it back at his expense to fix something I just paid $2.5k for, and didn't want to refund my money. Ultimately, he gave me $100 off but i was still left with his POS proton pack. Oh, and for the record, the pack I received was not the pack shown in the Pawn Stars episode. :walterpeck:

As much as I realized I had made a mistake, it wasn't until I found GBFans that I realized how much money I could have saved myself by building my own pack. Lucky for me, Joe Luna offered to refurbish my pack. Joe did an amazing job and through him and the community, I met a lot of great people. I'm extremely happy with how it turned out and proud of how it looks and operates today. On top of the refurb, building my own proton gun (No Matty Wand! Woohoo!!!!,) adding an e-cig smoke gimmick, upgrading to the GB TVG Light Kit, and adding a custom modified GB2 Sound Stream allows me to feel like this pack is unique to me. If it wasn't for GBFans, Joe, and the rest of the community, this pack would still be an eye sore (and wallet sore) sitting in my apartment. All guys like us can do is warn others of guys like Bob and hopefully prevent someone from making the same mistake. But again.... I feel your pain.

Thanks for sharing your story. If you haven't already, talk to Joe. He'll make your pack look like a million bucks. :cool:
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