Ok, so, now that I've picked up some parts, I guess I should start my GB1 Hero Pack build thread, but don't expect too many updates until the October timeframe (which probably should have made this a "2014-2015 Project")...

Thanks especially to Dan AKA and Vincenzo330 for being my primary sources of advice and mentorship throughout this project, the Virginia Ghostbusters for just being awesome, and of course, AJ and the rest of you guys here on GBFans, as great sources of inspiration, knowledge and camaraderie (and Hoot's build thread, what a great read, informative and entertaining!) Also, one last shoutout to PssdffJay, who I probably leaned on the most when I first joined the forum! Thanks, buddy! Alright, enough with the mushy stuff, and on with the thread!

LC-1 Alice Frame:





Other Little Trinkets:




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PssdffJay wrote:Aww shucks! You give me way too much credit.
LOL! No, really, you helped me out a lot when I was putting together my uniform and stuff, so thanks!
thebigone2087 wrote:Finally!! Looking forward to this one :-) Good luck, bud!
Thanks! I'm slowly picking up the small parts till I make the big purchases this October, so updates to this thread will be slow for now... Thanks for all the support, though, it is greatly appreciated! =D
Vincenzo330 wrote:You're in so much trouble, dude. ;)
Wha-? What did I do this time...? LOL! =P
Good Luck Phil!

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress, and nice find on the LC1 frame... Looks in great nic!

Having just worn my hero at our armageddon convention... my shoulders and back are not happy with me... so be prepared for some pain ;)
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julz wrote:Good Luck Phil!

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress, and nice find on the LC1 frame... Looks in great nic!

Having just worn my hero at our armageddon convention... my shoulders and back are not happy with me... so be prepared for some pain ;)

This is why we build semi heroes....Less pain...slightly!!!
abaka wrote:This is why we build semi heroes....Less pain...slightly!!!
I'm in the military, so I'm used to carrying heavy things for long periods of time... The current plastic pack I have weighs around 25-30 lbs, haven't had any real issues yet, other than bumping into things in cramped spaces... =P
My man! Welcome to the journey...lest it become a saga...
I appreciate the shout out and am glad that my thread was able to answer someone's questions. Sometimes a guy like me needs cave man instructions and drawings on how to make things work.

That being said - I await your greatness.
I'm taking my time, definitely, but I'm hoping it not to be too lengthy of a saga!
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New stuff!!!

I caved in for an actual Raytheon Crank Knob... seen the resin ones, and wasn't happy with them... Definitely glad I made that decision, these things are nice!

Flash Bulbs! Hella cheap, so I bought a bunch of them... thought I'd play around with it, not sure if I'll actually integrate them, but it'll be a fun little experiment...

Nycoil Tubing! Not the Nylon style, but I like the labels along the side, adds a nice touch compared to the blank ones...

My source didn't have the 1/4" Red/Blue, so I got those from GBFans for now until I can find the Nycoil variety...

Playing around with the idea of the Switchcraft shelf... I'm thinking of routing the battery charger through the XLR jack and using the two switches as kill switches... Still more planning to be done with this once I have all of the electronics...

Followed an idea on the forum of using thin velcro strips instead of zip tie, and then wrapping it with gaffer's tape... I think it ended up pretty neat looking... Contemplating on getting a thicker diameter pipe insulation, though... I will see once I get the pack mounted later in the year...

And probably one of the best purchases I've made recently! Hella useful, used it quite a bit on all kinds of things... It doesn't even look as clean as it does in this photo anymore! LOL! I should probably clean it now... =P

About 4 more months, and I should have everything! Frickin' excited! I think for now, I will gather up the electronics and start planning that out, so once I have my shell, all I have to do is worry about how I want to mount it...
Awesome parts! Awesomer photographs!
Thanks! Hoping to do some detailed photos when I really get into the build... that is, if I don't already get distracted by doing the actual building... LOL! =P
Nice phill

Make sure you get those ceramic sockets with the extra long wires.
http://www.aliexpress.com/item/70cm-Cer ... 28044.html

All the ones I got were way too short and didn't make it all the way to the the red switch with out needing to have extension wires soldered on... pain in the ass and not as sturdy. Plus make sure you can get some of the red thrower tubing noslit is selling. It's got a much larger interior to allow that wire to feed through from the acrylic tip to the push switch.
Way ahead of you, Julz! Mburkit helped me out with the bulb socket, and already talked to noslliT about the red nylon tubing with larger inner diameter! Both in transit!
As you were then... :cool:

Just bear in mind most of those socket wires aren't long enough unless you go hunting for the ones that actually list the length in the ad.

I have learnt by the process of redoing it time and time again, and each time requires me to take the whole thing apart and thread a new socket in. So the link I gave you was for the longer wires... but if you have them then all good!
These are the ones mburkit referred to me, and of course the ones I ended up purchasing... http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6123981006.html

Those were 150 mm (15 cm)... 70 cm, huh? Maybe I should have searched for longer ones first...
OK just checked, 15 cm isn't long enough with out having to lengthen them like I said previously. Then you run into problems of hiding the solder extension...

The ones I had are about 30 cm/300 mm and they are too short. I think you would need at least the 50cm/500 mm versions to have room to spare and not worry about having to resolder the wires.

Mat's been fine with his, but I've had mine break a few times and it's enough to make you cry ;)
35FT_TWINKIE wrote:Whoa whoa whoa, Julz and Pyhas, pump the brakes! Ceramic light sockets...centimeters...did I miss something here? What exactly are these to be used for?
Flash bulbs... Check out the following:
Mburkit's Hero Stantz Pack Build: http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 30#p439582
...and, of course, Julz's build: http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 90#p463728
Legend goes into quite a bit of detail as well... that's how I found out about the socket originally.
http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 1&start=30
Aw, man, totally forgot that Legend did that as well... kept trying to remember where else I've seen it... thanks!

Well, once I get all of my electronics, I can play around with the ones I do have, and if I can't find my way completely around it, I'll get the longer ones... at least they're not ridiculously expensive...
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