Well the time has finally arrived for me to start our GB2 Stantz/Sony Lobby build. This will be a joint build with my wife who has sacrificed so much to make my dream a reality!! I can't thank her enough.

I will do the majority of the build work while Mrs VS works on the finer "arty" details. It will be a slow build keeping as close to the Sony Lobby appearance as possible using modern day parts and electronics. The inside will be a custom interior with bits I have learnt since starting my research back in May. There may even be a surprise along the way ;)

There will be nothing new in this build (I'm not that creative) lol but I hope to add something to this site by documenting our build.

So Halloween arrived and so did my pack kit from Nickatron. I was totally blown away with how detailed his new SemiHero shell is.......... Its incredible and his new SemiHero parts are on another level accurate.

Here are a few pics:





Now the hard work begins and I'm not going to lie.................. I'm bricking it.
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Subscribed! Can't wait to witness the utter awesomeness!
Parts List

Nickatron: Semi Hero shell, Mobo, Semi Hero parts, Pack Tubing, Semi Hero Crank Gen label, Labels, Perf board, Legris Elbow casts



GBFans: Legris Straight Replica's, 2 Clippard R701's, Pack lights, Soundboard, Wand Lights, GB2 Ribbon Cable, P Clamp, Ribbon Hold Down, Clippard Elbows,

SpongeFace: Bezel Kit and Wand Expansion LED kit



UKGB: Pack Lenses, Ion Arm Cap, Foil labels

EJGunth: Mounting L Brackets

Kingpin: Makita Bracket


And then finally a LC1 Alice Frame to be stripped down and straps added to an LC2 Alice Frame

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By thebigone2087
You beat me to it! Will be watching this with great interest! GB2 Semi-Hero is my 2015 project basically using everything Nick-A-Tron. Best of luck, can't wait to see this one finished!
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By alphabeta001

I just had a tingle of awesomeness
First Update.................

The Teardrop!!

I was absolutely papping myself about doing this as I didn't want to ruin the beautiful shell. Wifey used the amazing reference pics on this site


and drew the outline for the teardrop on the upper and lower eyelets of the Cyclotron. I used a dremel grindstone and drum sand bit to try and replicate the damage seen in the Sony Lobby. I was pretty happy with how it came out.


For someone who isn't at all arty I was really happy that I'd managed to achieve something that resembles the Stantz pack teardrop.

Back to work I go!!!
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So! Very! Cool!
By Lewis Tully
Definitely interested in seeing the latest on this! Clearly you are going to be taking your time, and making this an incredible build! Starting with the scuffs, it's going to be a fun ride watching this.
Thanks LT. I'll hopefully have some updates this evening. I've fell in love with the Stantz pack so I'm definitely going to do what I can to replicate its appearance
Last update of the day...........

Parts Added (Dry Fit)
SMC Elbows x2 (to be swapped for Gen 1 casts)
Beam Line
Filler Tube
Injector Tubes
Replica Legris Straights
Clippard R701
Clippard Elbows x2
VAC Tube
Ribbon Hold Down

Nick's SemiHero parts with cast in bolts really are the bomb and make the build that little bit easier. I attached the Beam line, Filler tube and Vac tube by making cardboard templates..............


These meant I could fiddle with placement until I was happy. They also helped me get an accurate hole drilled ready for tapping and part attachment. Simple but effective. This also helped me attach the ribbon hold down. I was going for this placement and I think I got it there or thereabouts..............


To attach the SMC and Clippard elbows I referred to Stefan's plans and amended the measurements to resemble the Sony Lobby reference pictures.

The Clippard R701 was attached by simply finding the centre point and marking with an automatic centre punch.

The Legris Straight replicas were placed by again using a mixture of Stefan's plans and the Sony Lobby reference pictures.

The injector tubes were fairly tricky but again I used a cardboard template which meant I could get a placement I was happy with. I replicated the overhang that the injectors have on this picture...............


All holes were drilled using a step/unibit. I used the slow drilling technique with a reverse action and it worked great. No chips in sight.

So here is where we are at so far..............

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By Naptime
This is so many levels of awesomeness. Looking forward to seeing your mad skills on display! Subscribed!!!
This is going to be great! So many awesome builds going right now and I love that you're going to replicate this pack. I'm anal about detail so doing this would kill me. Looking forward to watching this build!
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