Well, here is my second cardboard pack scratch build progress.

This was my first cardboard pack and wasn't very accurate, mostly the wand itself which slightly resembled the RGB one.


My budget for this new pack itself it $50 to $60, plus $100 or so for my complete uniform.
Already ordered a desert tan Rothco flight suit from a local army/navy store as well as the white pistol belt. ($55 for both)

For the pack and wand, I'll be using a combination of Norm and Stephan's plans, They'll be made primarily of cardboard along with random bits found around the house such as packing foam, iced tea bottles, numerous vitamin bottles and bottle caps, and then sealed with either resin or polyurethane.

The Cyclotron will be made from a firm plastic microwave plate cover.

I want to thank Cwkelly75 in advance for his help with an idea on how to hold all the various parts together. :cool:

I'll also be ordering lighting kits from All Electronics (Power-cell and Cyclotron), non-split loom and my switches from Parts Express, since Radio Shack wants nearly $4.00 per toggle or push-button with sales tax. :sigh:

I want to add sounds via a hidden MP3 player and battery-operated speaker inside the Cyclotron.

Here's a few photos to get this build thread started. I'll post more photos as the pack build progresses.

Various parts plus a few build materials:


Here's the huge corrugated cardboard box I'll be using for the motherboard and most of the other.parts.

I have a few smaller boxes to use as well. I'll be using wood glue mostly along with hot glue where needed.


Any and all feedback is more than welcomed and appreciated.
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twmedford23 wrote:Just my opinion but I say ditch the cardboard and go with foamboard from Micheals or Hobby Lobby. Heck, Dollar Tree has some but it's not as smooth but still beats cardboard by a mile.
Thanks for the input but I already made the motherboard from the cardboard pictured above. (tight budget)
And I already spent close to $9.00 today for a high-temp glue gun and glue sticks. (from Michael's)

I just have to wait for the wood glue to dry before I make anything else.

I have used cardboard before (as have several other members, with good results) but this one will be more accurate.
Update: Motherboard complete. Weighs less than a pound and made from 2 layers of cardboard.
Held together with Elmer's wood glue and sealed with hot glue around the edges.


It looks crooked due to the fact it was set up on my bed for this pic, LOL.

Will update with more pics as I build more. :)
Cwkelley75 wrote:Looking good! Go cardboard!
Thank you very much. :cool:

I want to thank you also for the advice using scotch tape to hold the boxes together.
It works rather well! I will post some more progress photos later on, mainly the crank generator box and the HGA.
So far so good, Good luck man, i hope it comes out amazing! :D
Thanks, kazuk! I finished the Crank box and HGA today

The "crank knob" is just a bottle cap with a small triangle pice of cardboard, hot glue and a small, wooden dowel.

And the HGA is a piece of an Arizona Iced tea bottle filled with foam. The face is cardboard with 4 small hex nuts. (fixed)

I plan on doing more Wednesday, as I have to work tomorrow. Pics below.

Crank Box (cardboard)


Crank Box details and knob


HGA (front)


HGA (inside)

Update: more parts and some progress (about 1/2 done on the pack itself.)
Just have to order the split loon tubing, mini toggle switches for the neutrino wand, and light kits online)

Some parts, including round Correction fluid containers for the Clippard Valves and colored, transparent sheets for the Power Cell and Cyclotron light covers. (From Dollar tree)


Pack progress front view:


Pack progress, side-view (it's straight, just leaning slightly)

GohstTarp wrote:You are quite the crafty character. Keep it up!
Much thanks. I appreciate the feedback, GohstTarp.

I still have a ways to go as I won't have much time this weekend to work on it due to my job.

I do plan on ordering several parts from online by Monday so I can work on the power cell and finish up the spacer
which the cyclotron sits upon. I also need to hit up Home depot for the PVC pipes.. (all the pack tubes and gun handles)

My budget so far is around $30 for what I've bought from stores nearby.
Still haven't heard back regarding my Rothco flight suit from the army / navy outlet yet.
Update: Found and purchased a Bluetooth (wireless) speaker that I will
incorporate into my Proton Pack. It was a great deal at $16.95, as i had
received $4.00 off the retail price thanks to the cute cashier who rung me up. :cool:


It's rechargeable and can operate for up to 4 hours or so.

I might just hang with the hook, from the back of my belt, just under the cyclotron part of my pack.
That way I can turn it on and off at whim. I'll use my phone's built-in bluetooth and MP3 player
to play the pack sounds and music from the movie.

Now if I can figure out (cheaply) how to add a "venting" system, I'm good.
Update: Finally finished the front of the spacer. Not attached yet as I had to buy more glue sticks.

syckotheklown wrote:Looking good brother. Keep it up, its comin alog real well. Cant wait to see it finished
Much thanks. :cool:

Working on my Ecto Goggles, too - used Norm's plans and it only cost me a little over $21, with paint.

I won't get much work done this weekend on the pack as I'm working 2, 10 hour shifts Friday and Saturday nights.

But I will post some progress pics hopefully Sunday or Monday. :wink:
Update: Here's my completed ecto goggles using Norm's plans.

I know this is a proton pack build thread, but since I mentioned this earlier, I posted it here, instead.
I can move it if a mod asks me to, of course. :cool:

I added the side "knobs" and "power switch" to the bottom, by looking at photos of the actual props.

I plan on adding some green LEDs when time allows.

The "knobs" are just plastic water bottle caps painted flat black and the "switch" on the bottom is just a small knob, screw and metal pice I found in a junk drawer, painted black, too. The "power switch" actually turns as well.

All parts, including the goggles are coated with Modge Podge to protect and seal the paint.

The Goggle body is painted flat black and satin oregano (Rust-O-leum) to give it a dark, olive drab look.

I also added some small screws to where the elastic straps attach to, and held in place with hot glue.

Ecto Goggles front view;


Ecto Goggles bottom view:


Ecto Goggles top view:

syckotheklown wrote:Holy moly. Those look great. What color are they?
Thanks so much! :)

They were pretty easy to make, actually and cost me around $25, including the paint.

I used Rust-O-leum Flat Black for the base coat and a light coat of Rust-O-leum Oregano for the top, and sealed with Modge Podge.
Update: Due to my full-time job, I haven't made much progress for a bit.
I still have some parts I need to purchase online but I did receive some
FREE resin parts for my Neutrona Wand from Propcicle, here on GBfans.
Thanks again!! :D


These will come in very handy when I get to that part of my build.
Nicholszz wrote:OOOOH. this is a sexy cardboard pack.
Much thanks.even though I have a ways to go, yet. :cool:

Will try to get some more work done on it Monday as I have to work all weekend.

I'm also ordering some part such as mini toggle switches, push buttons, and miscellaneous parts as soon so I can start on the nuetrona wand / proton gun.next week, when I have time since I work full-time now.
Finally got the front of the spacer attached and was lucky enough to score some FREE
split-loom tubing! :cool: About 7 feet of 3/4" and about 2 feet of 1/4". My roommate's friend
works in a dive shop and had some stored away in a shed behind his house. That really
saves me some cash or from ordering it online. Now I can start on the Neutrona Wand once I
make a run to Home Depot tomorrow or Wednesday. :) Still looking for cheap lighting, as well.

Its nearly completed! :)

I just have to order a few parts from online like the switches and dixie cup hook for the thrower (which is next) as well as paint it up.
I already have the lights which I'll try to install sometime this week, between time off from my job.

I ordered my Tru-Spec flight suit yesterday from a different Army / Navy outlet for $50 with shipping, since my local shop didn't order the correct type for me (they brought to the store a Royal Air Force one, instead!) which looked awful and was more of a yellow-tan color with buttons all over it! :walterpeck:

Still have to order / find a white pistol belt and knee pads (and then dye light gray) as well as a decent pair of black boots.

Here's the pack as it is now:

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Sorry for the lack of updates and pics - been busy with the actual construction of the pack
and painting as well... plus my job has kept me rather busy as well as my roommate on my days off. :sigh:

Anyway, here is the pack nearly complete - and let there be LIGHT!

It's Halloween lighting but it works since I'm already WAY over budget! (Current budget is around $120 or so, including my flight suit)


I have to attach the bumper / shock mount / Clippard Valve / wires yet and as well as the two tubes that come out of the power cell.
Plus build the nuetrona wand / particle thrower. Still can't find cheap, clear tubing for the front of the 'gun' yet.

Any suggestions that won't cost me too much?
Pack is coming along good and those goggles are great. You might look up and see if you have a plastic supply store near you. For budget builders like us, picking up sheets of ABS is pretty cheap. You'll want some clear acrylic tubing for the wand, 7/8" diameter I believe. You're in the home stretch now with this so keep at it.
propcicle wrote:Pack is coming along good and those goggles are great. You might look up and see if you have a plastic supply store near you. For budget builders like us, picking up sheets of ABS is pretty cheap. You'll want some clear acrylic tubing for the wand, 7/8" diameter I believe. You're in the home stretch now with this so keep at it.
Much thanks, but I still have a way to go, like building the gun.
Thanks again. I like the goggles too and they were easy to make. :)
ABS for what? Most of the other parts for the pack are already made and just have to be attached yet.
Besides I really don't own any tools and had to borrow a hacksaw to cut the PVC pipe for the gun.

Where can I purchase clear acrylic tubing cheaply, and without ordering online?
I still have to order the switches and push buttons online as well as the dixie hook next week.

Thanks for advice and feedback. :cool:
Small update:

My desert tan, Tru-Spec flight suit finally came in a few days ago and I just washed it today.


Bought a pair of military-style boots at Walmart yesterday - $45 w/ tax. Not 100% accurate but will do the job. (Will paint the side zippers with a Silver Sharpie soon)


Ordered my mini toggle switches and push buttons from Parts Express on Monday and they should be here tomorrow according to USPS. Or Friday, knowing USPS is sometimes late here in south Florida. ($11.35 with shipping)

I also ordered my no-ghost patch from a vendor on etsy who makes patches and was only $3 w/ free shipping and that should be here by Saturday or Monday. I also located a white pistol belt on ebay which I'll be ordering in a day or so.

Dixie hooks (male and female) were ordered from edispensers for about $9.20 w/ shipping.

Pack is about 98% done but not 100% accurate due to some measuring issues on my part. Weathering is done, too.
I didn't take into account that the cardboard I used was about 1/4 inch thick. :sigh:

Since its mostly for Halloween and a cosplay event, most folks won't notice the glaring inaccuracies.


All I need is a cheap ribbon cable and then start on the neutrona wand / particle thrower once my switches arrive.

If anyone knows of where I can find a rainbow ribbon cable for cheap as I'm WAY over budget, please let me know in a comment below. Thanks! :)
Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy with real life and my job.

My cardboard pack is now complete! (A week late due to waiting for the ribbon cable (GB 2) to arrive)
It's not 100% accurate all-over but it does the job for now until I can come up with the cash to build
a more accurate one sometime down the line. I'll be wearing it and my uniform for Halloween.

There's going to be a huge Halloween street party in downtown Hollywood, FL, with $10,000 in cash.

I also plan on wearing it to Animate Miami this Sunday (if I can get a ride there and if I'm off from my job)
There's also another one in January so I'm looking forward to that as well. ;)

Here the pics:


Close up of the neutrona wand. The lights on top are just glue sticks used like light piping.


Close up of the cyclotron. Had to change the light I had as it somehow fell out and broke. The new light is a rotating Halloween light projector (battery operated) which was bought from Big Lots for $8.00. Looks much better and has a very cool multicolor effect. I'll try to get a video up when I have the spare time.


The above-mentioned light.


The actual box the light came in.



Overall, I'm pretty happy despite the slight inaccuracies. Any feedback or comments is always welcomed.

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