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By Lowberg
Well, not much to say here. I somehow ended up starting another pack build LOL. I had an extra Chris Bosh shell and Throwing Chicken kit saved up for a rainy day and recently got a great bundle deal from MandoMan with pretty much every other part I needed for another build. So here we are on my 3rd full build.

So far I've got a few of the parts attached. Some of the parts I got from MandoMan were already painted so I'm just going to leave them the way they are. My plan is to make this build really gritty and weathered, I'm not sure if I want to make it a GB2 style pack to compliment my GB1 pack with the same pchrisbosh1 shell.


This time around I went with cutting out the shell for the N filter, something I've never done before but it came out pretty decent!



Excited to get this build going. I cant say enough about the pchrisbosh1 shell. It's such a beast and fine in detail. Pleasure to work with
For shame for cutting up that shell!!!!

But seriously, awesome start to what will surely be another awesome pack.

Got some more components attached today, I have to order a volguus bumper from Nick!

The Ion Arm rod attachment came to me as a GB1 setup so I'll have to drill my Ion Arm for the correct clippard. I'm going to try and grind down the welds on the beam/line tubes myself to get the appropriate finish, I'll need to find a grinding wheel as the dremel wouldn't do the job. So far I've kind of eye-balled a lot of things on this build, digging the way it's looking so far

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By KoCo
For the filler/beam line tubes, try putting some rough sandpaper on a flat surface and rub the part on that. You could even put a piece of wood or something up against the outer edge of the piece so you get the lines straight for an even "ground-down" finish.
It's cheaper than a grinding wheel and will get rid of the weld lines in a fair amount of time, if memory serves correct.
I love how you said, you just have a "Throwing Chicken kit saved up for a rainy day". I just wish I had a Throwing Chicken kit period. I love his work. I am hoping he as some mistakes put up soon to buy, even his not 100% pulls are awesome. I saw last year after Halloween he put up some ghost traps that did not pull correctly at a discounted price.
Holy crap! It's really been a year since I last posted an update. That's insane.

Unfortunately I've been super busy with work and night school so the pack is in the same state as seen above, just sitting on a shelf. All I really have to do is buy a thrower and bumper for it, as I sold the TC Kit.
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By canpara
Lowberg wrote:Recieved my parts from RJ at FreekyGeeky finally! This is my 2nd or 3rd time ordering aluminum parts from him....they are fantastic!
I had him round my heat sink fins, as I officially decided this is going to be a GB2 inspired hero build!

I'm working on my Freek Geeky wand right now too! I will be watching your thread with great interest.

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