I was lucky enough to catch a deal on one of Vince Nordone's V330 shell and TC thrower kit combo about a year ago. While I waited for it to arrive I bought my GB fans electronics and various resin parts from Crix (aka Heavy Props on Ebay). I found a LC1 pack frame with shoulder straps but it needs the kidney pad and belt... I bought the blue battery, 15watt x2 amp and a nice 6 inch shielded speaker.
I went to the Army surplus and bought the reflector dishes and red lenses. Anyway my pack build will be slightly different in that I plan to use 2 speakers (one forward facing) and a plasma tube in the thrower. As I type this I am halfway through the electronics part of the build and have not attempted to solder in the plasma light as of yet... so that may not work out we shall see.

First I want to show the pretty V330 creations shell and integrated aluminum N-filter that arrived in the mail:


...then the resin parts set from Heavy Props (except the bumper) were attached ( screw through the back, dab of gorilla glue on the bottom of the part) I bought the set on Ebay:

the bumper was from an Ebay lot 2 years ago and it may be a Wiz part but not sure...

anyway I then wanted to primer the parts:


I added a bolt for gluing the split loom to the gear box:


next post will be a little about the thrower and my 3 inch speaker... you will either love it or hate it.
and then I wanted to primer the thrower
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I went ahead and did some Loctite putty welds. The throwing chickens Thrower kit, (AWESOME kit by the way!), does not have a weld on the top knob area so I added one. the welds on the front handle area are top notch so I tried to copy that look as best I could. Then I made a weld where my Home Depot "metal bathroom sink drain tube" meets the thrower body:


After some reading on other hero builds, and a quick message to Alan Hawkins, I realized that the GB1 Hero pack does not have a weld on the Booster tube. Whoops. have to remove that...



notice I went from the flat black before:


to the satin black... I plan to rub the surface with an old t-shirt later to reduce the shine:


Next I started prepping the backboard for a speaker and electronics. First I wanted to drill all my holes then spray primer then spray satin black.
I started with the speaker holes using a template from Alan Hawkins:
then I painted and added the speaker and some other components.
first here is my test setup:

here is the holder for my powercell lights:
the inside of the pack where I caulked the blue EDA lens:

Finally here is all the electronics for the main pack:

- GB fans amplified sound board
- the speaker output for the GB fans is mono and I wanted to power two 8 ohm speakers so I bought this low level RCA output by Kicker to feed the 30w amp https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I4 ... UTF8&psc=1
- my "Sure" amp that for some reason was renamed " beauty for all"... whatever here is the Amazon link :https://www.amazon.com/Beautyforall-TA2 ... e+15+w+amp
- then I have the GB fans powercell lights and a 6 inch shielded speaker I found on Ebay ( located under the shelf)

And... anyway here is the photo of all that

then I wanted to add a "forward facing" 3 inch speaker like I have in my semi-hero pack. that's on the next post...
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OK so far I have posted pics of my pack in flat black and also in satin. That is after this debaucle which I am about to show you.
like I said before you will either like this or hate it. if Vince reads this he will probably cringe but here we go...

I wanted to install a 3 inch speaker in the booster tube lower section like I did on my semi hero:
so here you can see my attempt at drilling some holes:

which due to the angle ended up horrible... but I was determined to make this look better so I bought a screen:

and then... are you sitting down? then I did this with a hole saw bit for installing door knobs


and then mounted the speaker like so
and the painted sink screen like so


that's about it for the build thread until I compete the thrower... which I plan to use a super cool looking plasma light tube like I saw in this thread:

I have been working on installing the Pilot Plasma tube into the electronics of my pack. here is a video of the progress so far:


second video


parts I used:
- Pilot 12v Plasma Tube
- 12v relay
- small ferrite choke on power line into GB fans soundblaster board

all credit for designing the circuit goes to Kregiec and his build thread found here =
As progressing through the build here are some pics of the thrower:

the main body outside:

the inside of the thrower :

the barrel light and switch:


and finally the plasma:

plasma tube inside the barrel:

I did find one big issue, that when the tube is inside the acrylic barrel there is a dark end to it. In other words it isn't lit for the last 2 inches. that REALLY bothered me. I installed a small led in the end and since the plasma uses a separate circuit I was able to re-use the thrower light wiring connector from the circuit board to make it flash. the real hard part was getting it all to wire down the acrylic tube and to do that I had to strip the wires bare and separate them using electrical tape ( inside the front handle out of sight).
That's all for now...
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Here is a update on the thrower. I used the GB fans vynil labels and dry-rub labels. Since this photo I have managed to fit all the wires, GB fans board and the plasma tube AC converter inside the thrower.
Beautious! Feels like you are really working on equipment sometimes doesn't it? !
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Hey thanks for the support! that's means a lot. Ok so I was able to fit everything inside... AC converter and GB fans light board ( Spongeface kit is great!) no room for a rumble motor or barrel extender setup in this thrower!


Here is the shell V330 shell with all the hoses and cable... finally had time to do that.



I switched my switch for a DPST because when I plugged my charger in my pack made a bootup sound, I think voltage ran backwards though my blue battery. With the double throw I can disconnect the pos and the neg wires for a total disconnect from the circuit boards


Finally a Youtube of the plasma thrower in my dark garage... ooohhhhhh ahhhhhhh!


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Thank you sir! By the way I was trying to pull my lower jaw from the floor when I saw your Sony lobby proton pack build. Amazingly amazing attention to detail there!
pseadynamo wrote:Thank you sir! By the way I was trying to pull my lower jaw from the floor when I saw your Sony lobby proton pack build. Amazingly amazing attention to detail there!
You're too kind sir. Thank you very much
Ok, I asked my 7yr old son to take a pic of me wearing the pack without the shell, good news is I can reach the mainboard power toggle and the volume knob with my left hand:


Here is the completed pack, I will likely keep tweaking things as they come to my attention ( I often tear into the pack a little after each comic con to make adjustments based on what I saw with other people's packs). i.e. I have just replaced the yellow tubing on the ion arm with a smaller diameter tube based on some other builds I saw...


the one thing that irks me, is that the light lenses don't line up 100%. they are about 90% centered and I played with this a little by re-adjusting the light shelf ( it's velcroed into place for that reason) but I can live with it for now... just wanted to get this ready for Rose City Comic Con -> 9/10/2016

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PSlimed Goodnough wrote:Great build I like your setup. My question to all I have a concern about building a pack am I going to get copyright is this the right form for that questions
So as far as I can tell you would not get into any trouble with Sony or GBfans unless you :
A: recast someone else's resin or scratch built parts and/or pack shell to build a Proton Pack. Recasting is illegal and very inconsiderate of an artists work.
B: you do not want to wear the proton pack and no-ghost insignia in any " for profit" events, so you can't charge people to take photos with you, etc. You can be in a fundraiser or charity but you cannot pocket any money while wearing the Sony copyrighted property or replicas of it.
But please build one and show it off at a Halloween party/Comic con and even enter a costume contest if you want.

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