By AfraidOfNoGhost
Hello all, I apologize in advance if this has already been asked.

Regarding the ALICE frame straps, I'm sure I'm following the correct procedure when it comes to the shoulder straps, specifically the top part.



Unfortunately, today when attending a convention, I was lifting the pack by the straps and one or the other would come undone, no matter how tight I thought I had them. Luckily, no damage occured to the pack as I caught it just in time.

After setting the straps up again like in the pictures, I tightened them as much as possible, fed as much of the excess length of straps through the metal loops and used duct tape to secure it. From there on, no issues.

My question, has this happened to anyone else, and are there any other suggestions? While we're on the subject, is there a tutorial showing how to add the foam roll to the top of the frame? Thanks in advance!
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By Christof
I haven't even finished my build let alone walked around with my pack on really yet, so I can't help you regarding the straps... But the neck protector is just a piece of plain pipe insulation taped on with black duct tape. The insulation comes pre split so you can easily just trim off a correctly sized piece and then layer on the tape til secure.
Same thing happened to me every time I wore my pack. I recommend you fold over the end of the strap and put a rivet through it. Use washers on both sides to keep the rivet from pulling through the strap. I've never had a problem since doing that.
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Thank you all for the advice thus far, I appreciate it. I have to ask now, as another thread mentioned that after market or Rothko straps slip easy, where can you assuredly buy genuine vintage LC-1 or LC-2 straps? I've heard they have thicker material and webbing that prevents this problem?
Here are a few photos of the safety features I would add to any Rothco based pack.

The most important addition, insert rivets into the top straps to prevent pull through. Fold the edge over about 1/2-inch. Drill or melt a 1/8-inch hole through the center of the strap overlap. Place a small washer on the end of a rivet, insert, then place another washer on the end. Set the rivet. The washers will help prevent the rivet from pulling through the nylon, especially on the back side.


An optional addition you might consider, installing safety cables around the quick release tabs. All of the components on the lower straps are metal except the tabs which are plastic. It is unlikely they will fail but I'm not taking any chances and prefer some insurance. I used black zip ties.

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By CPU64
In my straps, the loop attached to the end of the lower strap with two rivers, was pulling off as the strap itself was fraying around the rivets.
I popped them off, cut the frayed end out, heat sealed the edge, and made two holes with a hot rod. No more fraying.

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