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By askernas
Hi all!

Since I had nothing better to do (Mother in law is here over Easter, which means I can't work in the workshop in the evenings since it would keep her up, I've spent the past 2 days in drawing the Virtual Proton Pack.

I based it on a mix between the old started gbfans new blueprints, that was abandoned halfway, and Stefan Otto's plans.

I still have to do the bumper and bellows and all the little legris pieces, but I thought I'd give this a rest for tonight, and let you know where I'm at.

My plan is to make a flat pack blueprint after this, since in addition to my hero pack, I would like to do a styrene build as well, as I love working in styrene. (After all, My R2-D2 is a styrene droid)

Here's where I'm at.

If anyone want the model, just let me know. I am still in the process of making it as accurate as I can and there are a few tiny areas where I still need to add a little TLC.


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By askernas
Wrong place?

I have NO idea what you mean.... ;)


(It was just a quick addition without looking at ref pics...)

there are still more changes to come, Bottom of the pack is modelled after Stefan Otto's plans and they are not 100% correct either, and I am hunting for better ref pics from all angles so I can make my digital model as accurate as possible.

And yes... it can easily be made into a 3d printable model. My goal is to make something that can be used as a flatpack for styrene as I said above, but 3d printing is also possible, naturally.
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By askernas
Some minor updates yesterday due to a full evening.

* started modelling the bumper, about halfway through that
* added the 15th plate around the spacer
* changed the cyclotron lenses to be of different sizes.

New sizes are:
Top ones: 2 3/8" OD, 1 1/4" ID
Bottom ones: 2 1/4" OD, 1 1/4" ID

However, this creates an issues, since the N-Filter can't be 2.87 inches in diameter as someone has suggested in the update to Stefan's plans, since that would put the N-filter sticking out outside the pack. Either that, or the Cyclotron washer is higher up.

I need to have a (very) good ref picture of the cyclotron with rings and N-filter from a screen used pack to figure out these sizes.

I will dig through the ref pics from GB1 when I get home and do some overlays of my 3d model, try to rotate it to the same angle and see how well it matches up.

On my REAL pack, I managed to find the time to drill one (1) hole yesterday. Soon my evenings of tinkering will be restored and I can go back to building both my real and virtual pack.

The benefit of doing this virtual pack, is that I do really get a solid understanding of all nooks and crannies and holes, bolts and everything.

(Yes, I will also add the small greeblies and bolts, washers and rivets to it)
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By askernas
I just tried a new render software.
First attempt, really.

The bumper is NOT finished, but haven't had time to work on this, or my real pack in a few days.


By karenjr95
Are you still handing out the blueprints for this pack assembly? It is incredible and I would like to have a look at the current state of this draft!
By Tommorris22
Any chance you would be willing to share your files for this? I'm starting a scratch build and it would be extremely helpful for reference. You clearly put time into putting this together so I'd be happy to pay you for a copy

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