By feevrt
Too bad they couldn't come up with those pictures earlier, considering the previous update said that they were only waiting on the packaging before sending out the frames.

No mention of mounting hardware, which worries me somewhat.
User avatar
By Etigo
Huh, is it me, or the Alice Frame is not Accurate???
User avatar
By Kingpin
It looks within acceptable tollerances, any visual differences could be down to a multitude of factors... Such as cost effective production, manufacturing techniques, and whether there were any limitations imposed over the fact it is technically replicating military equipment. It's probably not much different than the non-military versions of the frame.
User avatar
By BlueChainsawMan
Confirmations about pack frames and constant Star Wars emails, but no mention of actual packs...ugh
By feevrt
So, it's nearly the end of the week. Anyone get a frame shipment notification?
By feevrt
Ok - haven't gotten an email from Anovos about my pack frame, but UPS just informed me that Anovos has set up a package pickup for a shipment to me. Current estimate is delivery on Friday.
By TimsGhost
Just got an email notification from Anovos saying my pack frame is on the way. Due on Friday.
User avatar
By mike_waclo
Supporting Member
My frame was ordered with my pack, in May of 2016. Pack was shipped in early October 2017.
By feevrt
Frame was ordered end of May 2016 with my pack. Pack arrived last January. Frame scheduled to arrive this Friday.
User avatar
By ccv66
echo419, If you already have the shell/kit and you didn't make the first shipping waves of frames, don't wait around for it. Just cancel your order. You can get the same thing cheaper on eBay or spend a little more money and get a more accurate one
deadderek, mike_waclo liked this
By cjchiu
I'm like everyone else. Got shipping info for the frame early this week and the pack yesterday.
User avatar
By mike_waclo
Supporting Member
Just got my frame and opened it up. It's pretty much identical to the stock LC2 ALICE frame I got on Amazon last year for my Spirit pack. It just included a bit of foam on the top bar.

However, there are NO mounting pieces or spacers or anything to attach it to the motherboard of the pack kit. I haven't really opened my pack kit much, as I was waiting on this to arrive first... But from the instruction manual, it doesn't look like the pack came with any mounting parts, either.

So... Anyone got any good tips/guides to mounting the frame to the MB?

[edit: I've opened a ticket with ANOVOS support to see if this was a mistake, or if it was left out by design]
By TimsGhost
Same here. No mounting hardware in the box. No instructions in the box or online. I thought this was a one-stop kit from Anovos. The Proton Pack instructions were vague and incomplete... but now no instructions to the most important part, the part that ensures your Proton Pack doesn't fall to the ground and break into pieces.

They opened a ticket for me as well. She said that the manager told her that they are currently writing up instructions for the frame now, and plan to post it online next week.
They did not have an answer about the mounting hardware.
User avatar
By ccv66
I didn't even get a frame and that bugs me you guys didn't get mounting hardware. Not a huge deal, but It's only a few dollars of screws and nuts it Should have been apart of the kit. IS there at least 3 mounting holes? 2 come standard on the Alice frames
By feevrt
Just got back from home depot with some bolts, spacers, washers, and nuts.
By feevrt
By the way - anyone have thoughts on attaching the frame to the plastic Anovos mobo? Wondering if some reinforcement of the attachment points is in order.
By Marcus B
Just got my frame and opened it up. It's pretty much identical to the stock LC2 ALICE frame I got on Amazon last year for my Spirit pack. It just included a bit of foam on the top bar.
I am not surprised by this at all. In fact, I think I called it somewhere on this thread. No way they were having somebody manufacturer a true replica of an ALICE frame from the era. The price gave it away. I'm glad I didn't order one and feel bad for anyone who was waiting so long just for the frame.
User avatar
By ccv66
It's not that it's a little more money, it's they changed what they promised and made people wait for a more expensive off the shelf item.

As far as reinforcement, the frame it's self, is a brace I'd make sure to have big washers. Still probably won't be great especially with the big speakers grill cut out..but much more fabricating than that you should just cut an aluminum motherboard
By Janzlar
Anyone have issues with the bracket over the Cyclotron being crooked with their cruddy pre-made attachemtn posts. And if so how did you fix it. Along with everything else being all crooked or mis-drilled I expected I'm glad I didnt pay for the "premium" pack... although after all the alterations I'll have to do it it I might end up paying the same amount. :-?
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