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By B-Rad
ok so I'm finally making my thread on this. Will be starting up again soon to try and finish putting all this together this year hopefully.

Last I stopped I pretty much got all the modifications done to the pack itself using spongeface's kit plus adding in some real parts (nothing is permanently mounted yet), cut off the molded crank and put in a potentiometer to control volume from the crank, mounted the MDF motherboard I picked up using the existing mounting points, attached the alice frame to the motherboard.

Current State:

Motherboard before mounting:

Since then I've picked up spongeface's sound kit, wand lighting kit, and wand tip kit. Along with a battery from Amazon to power it: ... UTF8&psc=1

Since getting the battery and doing some thinking on the electronics I could use some thoughts on how best to proceed.

1. I know I'll need to drill some holes where the speaker sits from dougs kit. What size holes should they be? or is there a better recommended solution in this case?

2. I'm thinking I might have to add an external power cut off switch and recharge port for the battery since I'd be worried about stripping the existing plastic mounting taking motherboard on/off just to recharge. The member I was talking to about the battery initally had mentioned to me Rabid Prototypes kit that he used but also mentioned he is blacklisted.

So A. where would be a good place to sort the parts needed to do this. B. going from an external power port to cut off switch to the battery to soundboard how does that all connect? I was looking at RP's kit and was just confused about how that's even setup. EDIT: I think I have this sorted now.

Of course again if someone has a better solution I'm all ears as this was just my initial thinking. The only other option I thought of for this was to use a router to cut and access hole for the battery like how the original cardboard backing did but would rather avoid that if possible.

Keep in mind I'm not experienced in electronics and haven't built to many things myself. I know my way around a little but not much.
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By B-Rad
Also while I'm asking questions...

I will also be repainting this once all the work to prep it is done. What is the best paint to use on this (primer and paint)?

I also have a few 3D printed parts that will need to be painted also, in order to fill in the gaps and not get that 3d printed look to it once it's painted what is the best process to clean that up / paint it?
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By B-Rad
Yes and no

I took most of it off using a cutting wheel on a Dremel just being very careful, then used wire cutter snips to get the rest off as much as I could then sanded. Wire Cutters probably weren't the right tool for that but it worked.

The hole I just filled in with epoxy, I just taped a piece of plastic I had on the inside so the epoxy could shape and fill the hole.
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By RicoRedstar
When I modified my Spirit pack, I wound up keeping the foam and cutting out the space around the speaker and it almost entirely took away the speaker rattle and gives me access to the sound blaster without having to completely take apart the motherboard

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