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By Brads_gimmick
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I think I spend too much time on Instagram these days haha .. I can't stop re reading and looking at the details in such high quality images man It such a pleasure looking at your build
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By RedSpecial
Thanks, Brad!
I'm really looking forward to following your build after seeing all those amazing parts on your insta feed.
You tease Image

I couldn't help it, it just popped on there!

I added one of my favourite parts of the GB1 pack today, the ribbon cable.
I've based the twist loosely on the one seen on the Ramis hero pack as I've always preferred the look of that particular version.

The next step will be to strip down and modify the smc elbows and make the top rod for the ion arm.
Then it's on to the thrower. Image
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By RedSpecial
I've been looking for a suitable transport case to carry a proton pack for years and I've finally found the perfect one.

My storage space is at a premium so it had to be as small as possible but just big enough on the inside to securely hold the pack and thrower.
This ticks all of the boxes and the design of the lid makes it very easy to load the pack into the case or remove it.

I'll just need to add foam padding, some fixed lashing straps for extra security and a platform dolly in order to wheel it around.

For anyone looking for these cases it's the Boschma 4-11-8u-he.
I know, catchy name.ImageImageImage
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By RedSpecial
Not much to report right now, I've been having a little break before I start to tackle the thrower.

I mentioned couple of times that I would do a full breakdown of the texture and what I was going for with it.
Well, I did that but I made it into a separate topic in the tutorial section and completely forgot to mention it here Image

So, here it is.
Better late than never!
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By RedSpecial
I received the milky white lenses today and they're amazing.

A wee bit of aluminium tape to replicate the heat shield and they're a dead ringer for the vintage examples.

Here's one next to what's left of a very aged and damaged vintage lens that I've had for years, and a pic of a screen used lens on the Ramis hero thrower. ImageImage
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