By TheKevinShow
Post-SDCC I want to start a new pack build. As much as I loved hand-making my first pack (holy crap, that was already more than three years ago!), it had too many problems and I want to upgrade it. I’m still going to use a MOLLE frame and I can’t be convinced otherwise (screw it, I want that little bit of uniqueness) but I ultimately want to build a TVG pack.

My conundrum is this: can I start building a movie pack and upgrade it later, or will I have to start working on the TVG pack from the beginning? I’m not entirely opposed to building two packs over an extended period of time but I’d like to know what my possibilities are.

Also, has anyone put out a good set of plans for the TVG upgrades? Obviously, if the plans aren’t out there, then I’d just scuttle my TVG plans entirely. Unfortunately, being able to build this kind of stuff off of reference photos just isn’t my forte.
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By DarkSpectre
There haven't been comprehensive TVG plans. Most fans eyeball the screen shots. A few folks have 3d printed TVG elements but only make them available through private sale. Plus with all the various lights and add ons, your best bet is to plan it out from the beginning. I built a pack with just the slimeblower attachment a few years back but that's as extensive as I've ever gone.

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