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By CosmoBubba
Use screws dude. Save yourself the heartbreak of the thrower crashing to the floor
After having a V-hook that was glued to my pack get snapped off more than once, I have to second this. If using screws instead of glue is a viable option, I definitely recommend going that route instead.
3D print integrity relies a lot on the method of 3D printing, the material used, and the design of the 3D printed part. For example, I have printed out some hotshoe mounts for DSLRs that have really withstood some serious use without showing signs of failing with PETG on FDM.

General use PLA on FDM printers wouldn't be my first choice for a v-hook, and I certainly would not mount it with glue. Depending on what materials your printer can handle, ABS or PETG would be a good start.

To mount the v hook using screws, I'd recommend something like this design that actually gives you a way to screw the vhook mount to your spirit halloween proton pack. That design is pretty solid, with my only real complaint being that I wish the "Spirit_Female" part were a little bit thicker and the male part accommodated that.

I would also like to point out that that design is meant for the thrower that comes with the Spirit Halloween pack, and not a full size thrower. If you are putting a full size thrower on there, please, protect your investment and, like Kingpin said, just get a metal v hook of some sort.
By BRD 527
I broke 2 3d printed V hooks (on wand end) on my first spirit pack before switching to a full size metal V hook from the shop here, the only part I kept was the 3d printed gun track.
By err404
BRD 527, what orientation did you print the hook? My in progress pack has a printed hook that feels rock solid. I have the wand part widened to 3mm and printed standing up to minimize stress along layer lines. I also used XTC3d resin to smooth the part, which strengthens the part quite a bit.
Sure metal is stronger, but I feel good about the printed hook for now.
By BRD 527
Oh sorry I don't print my own stuff the first one was from a "upgrade kit" I got off ebay that came with the hook and gun track . That hook lasted like a week and broke when I bumped a door frame. The replacement hook came from a friend that bummed rides to community collage with me a few days a week he made it in one of his classes. It was thicker than the original andit lasted a couple months but also broke. I fashioned a replacement out of tin that worked great but I kept cutting myself on it :blush:
Should i build it?

Look forward to seeing the progression!


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