Hey guys, I have a proton gun light kit from the shop here. There are two lights that I have NEVER been able to get to light up. One of them is on the "Ear" harness, which is the light that would be under the orange hatbox light. I believe the other light I had tried to put under the "Sunken in" hatbox light on the top of the wand. Anyways, I have never gotten them to light up.
This video right here shows what I mean. The same lights that you never see turn on in the video are the same lights that won't turn on for me. What are they for? How do you activate them?
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Nevermind guys... I looked in the documentation....

"Ear Pushbutton Switch
Standby operation (PowerUp/Down toggle is Off and Vent Light toggle is ON):
the Ear Pushbutton toggles the Ear’s Orange Hat Light LED, so you can have the Ear
Orange HAT lens orange LED on or off when the Wand is powered up or in standby
Power Up operation (PowerUp/Down toggle is ON):
the Ear Pushbutton switch can have several different functions depending on the
configuration switch settings and the Vent Light toggle switch position:
 Pack Vent,
 Alternate Fire button, and
 TVG pack mode selection.
The position of the Vent Light toggle switch is used to select between the two functions
that the Ear Pushbutton can perform. When the wand is powered on and the Vent Light
is on, the Ear pushbutton will function as either an alternate Fire button (first 6 dip switch
configurations) or a TVG pack mode selection button (for the last two dip switch
configurations). When the Vent Light is off, the Ear pushbutton will enable a Pack Vent

LOL. Well if anyone else is stumpped here is a good start. One light blinks when the pack is vented. The orange Hatbox light can be turned on in stand-by mode and then when you power-up, the orange hatbox will stay on.

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