By jpetrutis81
I'm slowly working on my pack build and I hit a minor bump in the road. I'm getting ready to mount the ion arm end cap to the ion arm. They're both the metal GBFans' ones. The end cap came with screws but the listing in the shop doesn't say the thread pitch and diameter and I need to drill and tap for the ion arm. By chance does anyone know what the correct tap is for the end cap screws that come with the end cap? Thanks.
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By JWils23
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I believe it should be 10-32, I know that’s what’s listed on the thread with all the screw sizes on here.
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By JWils23
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Awesome. Thanks for the info! I think I found the thread you're referring to: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=16866
Somehow I missed this thread while searching the site.
There is also this one in the proton pack index thread, some really great material in that thread from top to bottom.
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Should i build it?

Look forward to seeing the progression!


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