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By starburst
After about 5 or 6 years of collecting and parts (longer planning) with numerous starts and (mainly) stops its finally time to start building.

Its been a long and expensive road, especially with having parts shipped to the UK, but its great to be able to get onto the next stage! I know people have said this numerous times before but this build really will be standing on the shoulders of many from our community here as I think I have read through every build thread from the last few years.... so thank you all!

The plan for this build has changed numerous times over the years, which Venkman's Swagger can attest to, as it was originally going to be a Ghostbusters 2 Semi Hero much in the vein of his "Stantz" build on a Nick-a-Tron shell, then it shifted to a Hero styled build jumping from GB1 to GB2 and back again.

Some photos of my accumulated parts

HGA, Beam Line, Filler Plug, PPD, Injector Tubes, Injector Bracket & GB1 V Hook from Ejgunth87

Replica Crank Knob and Loom Clamp from Bionic Moon Labs & Deluxe Spengler Plate (Wiring and aux cable not pictured) made by Nathan Stevic

Assorted valves, resistors, hatlights and other parts.

Clippard 701 and 331.

Bellows, wand tube and GB1 Ion Arm End Cap made by GB Fans. The End Cap was weathered up by Venkman's Swagger.

GB Fans label set, Metal Labels courtesy of Joe Luna and Dry Rub Transfers by Arron Mack

The electronics are from the GB Fans shop, the lights were a set of warm white lights specially ordered from Spongeface which I picked up again from Venkman’s Swagger.

LC2 frame and ALICE straps, padding by Nick-a-Tron when he was doing batch runs a few years ago. All of my other parts point towards a GB1 Pack but these were bought way back when the plan was for a Semi Hero.

I’ve also got a set of GB1 frame spacers from Nick-a-Tron.
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By Fitzhume
You have great hardware there! I'm in the process of building my Benofkent pack as well. So far I'm having a blast but I'm always having more questions than answers at this point. Everyone here has been very helpful and have a great experience to share. Looking forward to seeing you build come to life!
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By jimbo7
looks like you are off to a very solid start. I'm doing a build myself and can't locate my Joe Luna labels. Did you recently get those or have they been laying around for a while? I need to source a set for myself apparently. Ugh
Should i build it?

Look forward to seeing the progression!


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