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By Fitzhume
The size of the bolt could be around a 6mm thickness with around 60mm long maybe. Just make sure the length will work with whatever spacer that you use. Using a wing nut is great on the inside of the for a quick release if and when you need to put it flat on a table to work on it. Use a washer on the outside between the pack and the head of the bolt. The spacers can be 3d printed or grind down some hockey pucks for the spacers. Bishop and Canpara had done this and it looks great! Here is a link to the 1st page of one of their posts on this. ... ghts+build

I should have done this but I have 3d printed spacers as of now and they are working as intended. I have a bucket of 30-50 pucks from playing hockey so I have the material to try it.
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By Christof
There's also the GB2 style of spacers, which are a little easier to fabricate if you live in a non-icy-area like I do and Hockey Pucks are difficult to find. You just take a short length of 1" pipe, trim off 1" lengths and use them as stand offs with a set of 1/4-20x1-1/2" bolts and you're attached! Hope it helps!
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By Demon Vice Commander
For the GB2 spacers, you can get all accurate steel spacers and bolts at any hardware store. If doing GB1, I would recommend making them out of wood instead of hockey pucks, especially since it will be easier to cut and smooth a half-circle for the middle crossbar spacer.
Should i build it?

Look forward to seeing the progression!


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