By SpookyDaveG.
First official post after my introduction! On my way to getting this kit up and running!

So I picked up the Deluxe Proton Pack from Spirit today. Not too bad. Price wise it's good. I know it's 3/4 scale but visually it doesn't look too tiny on me.

It needs work. The electronics AND cosmetics will need some upgrades before I can troop with it.

I have been looking at the builds here and it looks like Spongeface has some good upgrades for the Spirit pack for reasonable prices. If I can get this Spirit pack looking and acting proper, it'll serve as a starter Pack until I can swing an uber nice accurate pack.

Pics and more as I get these Upgrade kits in and start the install. I plan on having it ready before Dragoncon 2020!
By BRD 527
I gotta post pics of my spirit packs some day. I kinda wanna pickup a 3rd one this year and do it up as a GB2 pack :love:
Just about to finish mine. All I need is to complete a motherboard and age it a bit. Pretty much bought all of the spongeface upgrade bits. Stuff is good. Best piece of advice is dont let the instructions make you think it's too hard and realize that they were written based on the 2016 model not the 2017/18.
I've got a Spirit pack as well and I'm wondering - have any of you folks out there used flush-mount wall hangers to attach the thrower to the pack instead of the tube and hole it comes with? I'm curious as to how well it works on that pack, or if there are better alternatives. Because the current design makes it impossible to remount while I'm wearing it and I have to get someone else put it back or take the pack off and and do it myself.
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By Macktacular
I was about to order the vhook from Busterprops but then I got to the shipping and handling, and Etsy wants to charge me $40 Can. S&H on a $30 part, so that's a no go for me unfortunately. Like I understand small businesses don't get the rates that big ones do and all but I just can't justify spending that much, combined that's about what I paid for my pack.
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