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By Pagz
I'm curious about other's experiences with the hose that connects their proton wand to their pack. I find that on my pack, the hose doesn't hang terribly well. It's rather stiff so it arcs out in a big loop and I generally I have to tuck it under my arm to keep it from sticking way the hell out and interfering with other people or objects when I'm walking. Is this just common to all of these hoses, or have I perhaps used loom hose that's too stiff? I'd prefer for it to hang more like a cable, as that would make walking around with the pack considerably easier and less hazardous.
By alleyradb
I take no credit for this idea, as I found it on these forums and can’t properly attribute it.

Your hose ought to be a comfortable length pending your height (I’m 6’1”) — for me I want about 4’ of hose and left an extra 6” to run into my wand’s handle. Inside of my hose is the cabling for the electronics, but it was insufficient to give it that heavier look it had in the movies. I went to my local Ace hardware and bought 6’ of a heavy gauge rubber tubing — flexible but weighty — and stuffed that into the loom as well. ... dp=1&mdf=1

The above link has pics, if interested.

Hope this helps!

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