The straights are 3175 04 10 and the elbows are 3109 04 10. I believe the straights and elbows on the slime blower are both 08 10 rather than 04 10, though I could be wrong. I can’t find a part number for the banjos. I’ve found modern versions of the fittings on Amazon for cheap and I’m making a hybrid abomination pack that combines parts from all three movies plus little touches that I want to do, so I’m using the modern versions of the fittings. They still fit the tubing so why not?

I just need the banjo part number and I can’t find it anywhere. Any leads? Also, can you confirm the total number of parts needed? I need three elbows, two straights and two banjos per pack, plus one straight and at least one banjo on the trap and one larger elbow and one larger straight on the blower. Is that right?
Is there a list of part numbers for the original legris parts ?
A quick glance at the reference page for the various Legris pieces provides some insight.

The elbows
1st generation, 4mm-5/32 (3109 is listed as a product number, but this number appears to cover a variety of the elbows, not just the 4mm version)

The banjos
4mm-5/32, Part No. 50-55020

The straight connectors
4mm-5/32, Part No. 3175
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