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By MovieSean
Hey all,
I am looking for the correct volume pot for the GBFans board, I am using a guitar knob right now and getting a TON of feedback and dropping connection and inconsistent volumes. Any help would be appreciated!

By Spectregater
First one I tried seemed to have a little. But the second one I wired up has been fine.
Also they are the same style spongface uses in his spirit pack electronics upgrade kit.
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By greg883
Just a guess, but your Guitar part probably uses an Audio Taper, not a Linear Taper. What's the difference? A linear taper is just that. A straight 0 to 10k from end to end. Midpoint will be 5k ohms. Audio taper is more of a logarithmic curve to match the sensitivity of the human ear. The first 2/3 of rotation is a small change in resistance with a rapid increase (almost a straight line up) for the last 1/3rd.

The GB "volume" is providing a control voltage to the circuit that adjusts the output from the amplifier. I think the circuit is actually using a programmed "map" to make the output act like an audio taper.

Edit: Just looked up the instructions, I remembered correctly:

The volume control on this particular amp is based on a dc control voltage and has a nonlinear correction built in. An audio (logarithmic) taper pot can be used but will be more sensitive to volume adjustments.
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