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Having to say that, skateboarding is becoming more and more popular among people, especially teenagers. Although it has outraced many other sports, it still not a part of the international world of games. The USA has the highest number of people playing skateboard, but it is expected to be spread out rapidly into other countries.

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Realizing how trendy this sport is, many skateboarding institutions and parks are established, thereby attracting more people to this game. Many teenagers are taking part in this sport, and some of them have gained a certain position in the community.

People come to skateboarding not only for one purpose. Some people skateboard to pass the time, to keep fit, to stay healthy. Some consider it a business to make profits. Others take it as their career. No matter what your purpose is, you need to know some of these things before getting into it.


Skateboarding is divided into some types according to the types of skateboards. Normally, there are four types of boards which are regular skateboards, longboards, baker skateboards, and almost skateboards. All of these types are equally popular among players.

Like many other sports, skateboarding is also dangerous. When you play it, you need to focus one hundred percent on it, or else you will be seriously injured, and you will end up in a hospital. Worse case is you are not gonna play it again due to permanent injuries. To play a good game, you will need to prepare these things: skateboards, a set of protective gear (including a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads, skate shoes), skateboard accessories( wheels, trucks, bearings, etc), and maintenance kits.

Buying skateboards now is not very difficult because they are available in both online and departmental stores. You will not buy a skateboard that is already assembled but have to buy each part separately. A skateboard is usually made up of three main parts which are the deck, wheels, and trucks.

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The deck is where people stand on to move the board. This part must be as strong as possible otherwise it will be broken easily after a hard trick or due to the weight of the player.

The second part is the truck. This is the underside part that joins the deck and the wheels together. Normally, there are two trucks in skateboards, both at the front and back. The trucks need to be strong to suffer people’s weight.
The wheels of a skateboard must be hard or soft depending on your type of skateboarding and the terrain you are going to skate.

You will need to wear special clothes and shoes to have the best comfort while riding skateboards. Skateboarding clothes also make you look cooler and more noticeable in the public.

It is so dangerous when skating without protective gear. You stand on the wheels so it’s hard to control the board sometimes. If you don’t want to be injured when you fall off, the best way is to equip yourself with a helmet and other safety gear.

A good skateboard is the one that works properly. It is advisable to maintain your skateboard regularly. To maintain your board, a special kit is always needed. A set of kits includes skateboard wax, bearing lube, skateboard rails, etc. You can buy these tools either in the same store where you buy your skateboard or in a separate one.

Alright, all those things above are something you should really keep in mind when you want to get into skateboarding. Hope you will do it fine. Good luck!

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By Lowberg
Howdy, hopefully I can give you some insight.
For the brightest, I can personally recommend Jupiter Electronic's Proton Pack light kits.
They are RIDICULOUSLY bright, each cyclotron light is a cluster of 7 super bright LED's, and the power cell LED's are over sized and super bright. I used to have people complain that they would hurt their eyes while at indoor conventions and stuff lol
Having said that, they won't have the same sort of interactivity and features that that GB fans kit will have.

For accurate lenses, the GB fans ones are good. Just make sure they are translucent red.

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