By Kris Butterill
Hey guys, hope you are all well!

Well, it's finally time to start my own pack build, and given I have a Prusa, I would be daft not to go with a 3D printed pack for starters!

For a bit of background, I'm 37 now and have been a GB fan for as long as I can remember. I'm a firefighter by day and a custom PC builder in my spare time. A few of you may remember my GB inspired PC build I did for ASUS last year that BOK partnered on but it's now time to put something together for me, as a personal project.

I'm going to be following the plans from Quentin Machiels (if anyone can tag a username here it would be appreciated), these are his updated plans as found on Thingiverse:

I'm well underway with printing already, Amazon had a deal on Geeetech PLA so grabbed 4 rolls for under £60 to take care of the bulk of it. Thanks to Quentin already for his help via the FB group, Il be posting regular updates and may even put together a few videos of the pack coming together.

Hope you tag along for the ride, this should be fun!
By Kris Butterill
The first week of printing and have a few parts to hand now, loads still to do! Primer has arrived ready to go, need to grab some filler and a few bits yet though.

Il get some better pics in the daylight but for now, we keep on printing :)

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