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By l3w1sb159
Hey guys,

I've been working on my pack build and have noticed that most frames I have seen other people using have a straight bar on the back, whereas mine has a curve in it...

I dont know if this is because it's a slightly different model of frame or if it's not meant to be like it at all?

Just wanted to make sure I wasn't using a duff frame.

P.s I'm not sure of how to add a pic of the frame :/
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By Kingpin
Are you referring to the thinner cross bar on the frame?

It may simply have been curved through use. If you post a picture of the frame, I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than I could chip in on the subject.
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By l3w1sb159

Heres a link to the pic :cool:

It's the main vertical bar and the horizontal bar that have an inward curve towards my back,so much so that it constantly pushes into my back even without the pack mounted
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By Kingpin
That is far more severe than I was expecting. :shock: It's definitely not supposed to be like that, rather than it being an obscure model.
By err404
Personally, I might call it a loss. You could try to straighten it out (the frame should be straight until the bend about 4 inches from the top. If you straighten it out and it does not feel very solid, I wouldn’t risk a pack on it. It would be devastating to have your pack fall.
I solid frame is important. FWIW I actually just completed my first pack and have it on a new Rothco frame. Even in new condition I don’t fully trust it. It has to much flex.
By Darth_Egon
I got the more expensive rothco frame sold here. To be honest it’s a little wobbly so I broke down and got a real LC-2 frame. More expensive than a repo but better quality too
By tobycj
The vertical tubes look pretty bent too. I think it's quite common for the flat vertical and horizontal bars to get bent, but they're pretty easy to straighten out either by hand, or gently with a rubber mallet and a block of wood.
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By Theoderic
As far as i remember from my times in active service (although it wasn't in the US military), backpack frames like can be manhandled pretty badly in various training scenarios (e.g. putting them together for transport of the wounded....), which can lead to deformations like these.

These deformed bend frames may become considered "damaged and/or faulty" and will therefore be sorted out, which is the way they pop up on the aftermarket - so there's quite a chance, that any frames sold as "used condition" packframe has some more or less deformations.

I've had exactly the same problem, but was able to fix it by (very carefully) bending it back, supported by levers. But there is of course some risk, it could break or get brittle due to the bending (aluminium is a lot more sensible and will not withstand as many deformation). As long as the pack isn't too heavy, it may work anyway.
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By l3w1sb159
I am building a mostly mostly resin pack ( the only metal parts will be the bellows/v hook/ vacuum tube/ booster tube/ ion end cap

So hopefully it will be light enough to support on this frame.

I'll get into contact with BenofKent though, as it was part of a kit I bought from him.
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By Theoderic
l3w1sb159 wrote: December 12th, 2020, 7:36 am With a vice and some gentle application of elbow grease we managed to straighten the tube frame


NOW we're talking :) looking good, well done - This is the way :wink:8):nicejobyoudid:

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