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By da_rambler20
I have searched thru this forum and online and can't see to find a definitive answer.

I know I need an 8 ohm speaker and I have also heard that 3 way speakers are the way to go. I currently have an 8ohm, 6.5" midrange speaker in my pack ( ... UTF8&psc=1) but this thing rumbles badly on the start up and shut down.

I don't have the room to mount two speakers in the shell. So, does anyone actually make a 3-way, 6.5" speaker that is 8ohms? I do not really understand how all this works, so if someone can help explain why my speaker is rumbling so badly.

I also would like to stay with a 6.5" speaker because I already have the holes for drilled for the speaker mounts and for the sound to go thru. TIA
In my experience, all the speakers “rumble.” Perhaps what you describe is distortion?

There is no definitive answer to your question but the speaker you linked is what might be called a “1-way” speaker. There is one device that attempts to recreate the entirety of sound frequency. Probably not ideal.

A 2-way speaker splits the task into 2 devices, a low/midrange and high (tweeter).

A 3-way speaker uses 3 devices, a low, midrange and high. You get the idea.

Which one works best will depend on the input sound, amplifier, mounting and enclosure. A 2-way speaker will do a better job than what you have. How much better is personal opinion. A 3-way might sound better still, but will be more expensive. You’ll probably need to test and decide if you think it makes a difference. If you buy from a big retailer with a good return policy, you can take it back if it’s not satisfactory. If vibration is part of the problem, try isolating the speaker somewhat from the motherboard using rubber spacers.

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