Has anyone figured out how to wire the electronics of the pack to a Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand? I have one custom-built pack here that uses the light kits that are from the shop here. That custom-built pack has a lot of 3D printed parts and then all of the knobs and clippards and stuff are real metal parts. That pack came out to being close to 30 pounds which is a killer to wear all through an event.
I am thinking of purchasing a second wand and building a new and lighter pack.
GBDRE760's answer is pretty spot-on.

That said I know there is a seller frankengeek who does kits for the spirit packs and he has hinted he might be working on something for the Hasbro Wand.

Also if you are looking for a lighter proton pack, I would check out modding a spirit pack. I used to have a full-sized pack and one of the headaches I always had with it was going to Halloween events, like pub crawls and stuff. It got heavy and was hard to move around in crowds and doors and stuff. I modded a spirit pack to fit the afterlife theme and go with my Hasbro wand and I got to tell you it's a huge difference in comfort. Weight-wise it's similar to wearing a backpack. Yes obviously its less accurate but out at a Halloween pub crawl no one is going to care.

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