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By l3w1sb159
Hey guys,

Doing some homework on the pop mech before I come to building my thrower.
I wanted to ask the best ways of cushioning the impact of the screw hitting the end of the "pop slot" in the front handle, so as to reduce the chance of the acrylic tube from cracking, as well as the best way to mount the acrylic tube to reduce the risk of cracking even more?
Same for the inside of the gun body where the latch screw may hit.
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By JWils23
I’ve seen people use a square of craft foam mounted in the gun body where the pop mech screw strikes to soften it. I’m not sure what other people use but I have an acrylic tube from RJ at freeky geeky and he reinforces his at the base to prevent damage. I’ll take a picture of it later and post so you can see it.

**Edit** here are the pictures of the acryllic I promised earlier.
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By l3w1sb159
Nice, thanks.
I had seen the foam method before but wasnt sure if there were any more mad methods. And that seems pretty straightforward to reinforce the tube. Does anyone know the inner diameter of the GBfans acrylic tube?

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