Hey all, Adam from the Southeast Ohio GB here. Anyone whos familiar with my builds over the years knows that I from time to time like to mash up elements of the packs for new builds. First some backstory. A few years ago I had started work on a straight up RGB pack for a buddy of mine. We'll the project never was finished because I wasn't happy with the way some parts looked. So I put the pack on the back burner. Finally inspiration struck. Reading interviews with Paul Feig and Katie Dippold, they both said that they used the Real Ghostbusters as a main influence. So I got to thinking what if they'd actually used the RGB design for the packs? So I present my latest build: a Holtzmann engineered RGB pack.


The pack is a combo of foamboard, MDF, EVA foam, and 3d printed parts. All the electronics are custom and as a test, I installed an inexpensive, programmable sound chip. Instead of an Alice frame I opened for the cartoon/ATC style straps that are bolted straight to the motherboard. I used a shoulder harness for a leaf blower. I also utilized design elements from the ATC pack such as the piping, lower meter, 2 1/2 in gauge and the gear box is a rescaled cryobox. All in all a solid build that blends the original ATC inspiration and the nostalgia of RGB!


https://imgur.com/UnlmvcB - Lights and sound demo

Questions, comments, otherwise are welcome!
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