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By hawkbatsquadron
The journey so far...
So, I figured, what the heck...
Fresh out of the box:
After some modifications:
Add one Spengler wand...
Paint and tear down...
Add new parts and details.
The finished pack:
This was my first build and I'm really happy with the results, I used a few of the tutorials online. The paint was textured black Krylon and the silver was dry brushed to simulate wear and tear. I used the Moby Signs 80% sized die cut label kit and Frankengeek Laboratories light kit, V-Hook and Motherboard kit. The alice frame was from Rothco and some of the 3D Printed parts were from Great Scott Props. BenofKent did the aluminum bumper I had to replace after snapping off the plastic one. I may try a full sized pack in the future, but for now this is good...


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By hawkbatsquadron
Thanks Tony, I used all of the tricks I learned doing other costumes over the years.

I probably should have gone for the full sized pack, but I'm still not sure how much use this will get, so this will have to suffice for now.
I wasn't looking for anything more than ambient Proton Pack sounds.
Add one Bluetooth Pager/Speaker from Bumpboxx, an SD card
And a sound file...
Video LINK for sounds: Poor man Proton Pack sounds

I can clip the pager to the Alice Frame or my belt. The Spengler wand has the rest of the sounds.
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