By Jonobiwan
Hey all,
I just wondered if anyone had the measurements for the screen used heatsink on the Afterlife Phoebe pack?
I cannot find the info anywhere 😫
Thanks in advance!
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By Kingpin
Unfortunately due to the limited amount of time the screen-used props are put on display, there aren't a lot of opportunities for people to measure them... Sometimes all we can do is eyeball the items, and scale them based on known/identifiable components. There's discussion on the chip on the heatsink here: LINK, which may help to establish a rough size of the piece.
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By Jonobiwan
Thanks Ben, much appreciated.
I was hoping someone who managed to snag one of the metal heatsinks from Propforge would be able to give me the measurements…never mind 😂
Thanks for answering on the FB page too, thought I’d give my question a chance on here too. 👍🏻
By Jonobiwan
Hey @Greenpandaguy
Sorry, I just saw your reply!
Thanks for getting back to me and offering the measurements!
I’m kind of looking for all measurements if it’s not too much of an ask. No worries if you can’t, there’s absolutely no pressure at all.
Any help at all is much appreciated!
Thanks mate 😊🙌🏻
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