For users in: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, & Wyoming.
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By cowbybill
Hey Guys,
I'm looking to relocate to Alaska within the year ,if I miss this "window' before the snow starts It will be next spring. But was wondering if there were any Ghostbusters in Alaska?
I'm planning on retiring from Ghostbusting full time,running the Bay Area Ghostbusters for the last 5 years has been fun, but now I just want to do the occasional event here and there.
Anyways let me know!
By richcap
Heya AK Ghostbusters - I'm finishing my basic uniform - representing the GB here in Anchorage! I wasn't aware there was an active group here! How many are we? What do we do? When do we do it?
By SentientPie
I'm not sure actually. I know there are at least the two of us (three including you) that I know of. We haven't organized anything yet, but I know that cowbybill has a Facebook page set up.

I'm wondering if we should make a group instead of a page so members can be added and such. I know cowbybill mentioned that there were others trying to get their gear together, but I don't know them personally. If you want to talk send me a PM or we can just chat here!
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By MoneyveoRNB
Welcome to the site. I'd love to try to get on the air with you someday, see if we can chat. I haven't hit Alaska yet as a state.. Being in GA it's a heck of a trip
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