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By Boomerjinks
Figured I'd put this out there because the last time I visited, some people missed out.
This Post Contains Spoilers
Gonna leave behind all of this

And get me some of this

I'll be in San Diego on the morning of December 19, which is this coming Sunday. I'm crashing at Vince and Ivonne's, they were nice enough to provide a set of yappy-type dogs to sleep on while I'm out there. We'll be hanging with Bryan and the Superior most of Sunday, hopefully the evening will be filled with terrific nighttime vehicular photography.

Personally I am hoping that the first thing Bryan says we start the car is "YOU BOYS LIKE MEX-EE-COOO?"

Monday I am heading up to Los Angeles for a really cool opportunity made possible by my charming demeanor and, I guess, Loren's actual legwork....

Back down to San Diego Monday night.

Tuesday is largely free. I'll probably some one-on-one action with the local SR-71 Blackbirds. I don't know what I will do with the rest of the day. I will return to Coolorado/CoLOLorado/ColoRADICAL Tuesday night.

So yeah, that's the plan.
By 69428scj
Everyone wants to hang out with Kevin, but not me. Hi everyone, my name is chopped liver :(
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By ProtonCharger
too late, i already asked for the day off and was denied. if i call in, they'll know why i really called in.
when i request a day off it i say this.

"i would like to have this day off, i have something very important that i need to do on that day. i will call in if i do not get it off like i requested."
By 69428scj
Everyone wants to hang out with Kevin, but not me. Hi everyone, my name is chopped liver :(
I did my best, I did my very best....
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By Boomerjinks
OHHHHH HE'S.... making a list

And checking it, uh, I'll probably look at it again.

Things I need to bring?


Vince, you got sleeping bags are you just going to spoon with me for warmth?
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By Vincenzo330
I have blankets you can use. Bring your flight suit, we have awesomeness to perform.

btw I'm the big spoon, see the trick is to take all your clothes off and huddle really close, I had to do it once to survive in the wild.

My friend and I were afraid of freezing to death. Looking back we probably would have been ok seeing as how it was July and we live in San Diego, but you can never be too careful.

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