For users in: Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, & Utah.
By jettajeffro
Are you in the Southwest (Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, & Utah) and looking to join a franchise? Here's the current list of active teams in the region. If you start up a franchise or if your team's current information changes, please let us know so we can update the list.


Arizona Ghostbusters
Operating in the Phoenix Valley!/pages/Arizo ... 8606448347


Bay Area Ghostbusters!/pages/Bay-A ... 8207516707

Sacramento Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters of Southern California

West Coast Busters
Operating in San Diego

Roseville Ghostbusters

Southland Ghostbusters


Denver Ghostbusters!/pages/Denve ... 5983309045

Aurora Branch Ghostbusters

None at present time

None at present time

New Mexico:
None at present time


Central Oklahoma Ghostbusters
Specializing in GBTV


Dallas - Fort Worth Ghostbusters!/pages/DFW-G ... 2588378711

Houston Ghostbusters

Northeast Texas Ghostbusters!/pages/The-N ... 6676335282


Ghostbusters of Salt Lake City

ERT(Experimental Research Team) - Ghostbusters of Salt Lake City
By jettajeffro
Thanks. I'll go ahead and add it on the list along with your facebook till the website is completely up and running.

Love the logo by the way.
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By BSjohnson
Thanks, Jetta. I dabble in photoshop every now and then. :)
By EctoGlow
We're working hard to start getting in to the charity junket as of right now. Due to some unfortunate misshaps in the past, there have been things keeping us from doing charity events. However that is going to change very soon. We are bringing in some new people that have a lot of promise and connections to things that have been some what out of reach in the past. But things are finally starting to fall in place.
By Jasonrglass
How do you start a franchise? Letmebleed75 and myself seem to be the only guys in vegas but i know we both are interested in franchising.
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By BSjohnson
There's no official registration, process or paperwork to "start" or "become" a franchise. You're more than one person who costume and prop as Ghostbusters? Then you're a franchise. It's simply the word that we use to identify individual fan groups within the larger fandom.
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By SacGB-Alex
Sacramento Ghostbusters
We also have our team website:

and our Susan G Komen breast cancer fundraising website too:
By axelghostbuster
Hey guys , well i am the only GBFan, well i don,t know anyone here in the City of Santa Monica and i am trying to Start another NEW Ghostbusters franchise group here in Santa Monica California just outside of Los Angeles by the bay area. i am trying to find other GBFans in my area. So we can all meet and get together to get it started and move forward with it. I,ve already started a Facebook group page and drew/made a Custom GB City Logo, i,ve post it here on the fan section. If anyone here lives in Santa Monica and is a big Ghostbusters fan please let me know, or find my facebook group page. The Santa Monica Ghostbusters!.
everybodies and everyone is welcome to join in!.
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By Harry Carpenter
I know this is ancient, but I wanted to be sure we were added to the Texas list. Far west Texas....the

(we also kind of cover the area of Las Cruces, New Mexico as well...since it's less than an hour away.)
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