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By Dr. fisk
Cadeian wrote:I can give you a lift, Alex. I'll be there around 10? Does that work?
Josh gave me the info about the call that he’ll pick me up. I feel so wanted :wink: Thanks guys.
By Boomerjinks
Last night sure was fun.

Who is ready for round two?

I'm thinking about hiding the Ecto somewhere down the street before and during the movie, and then pulling it around to where it was right before everyone gets out, so when people walk outside they will be pumped from the film.


Thoughts? I don't know if I can sit through watching that movie again, though.
By Dr. fisk
I was all hyped to do this with my bro coming. if we decide not to go to the viewing, maybe we can do some midnight Ectoing in LoDo.

Give me a call Kevin when you've reached a verdict.
By fragglerocker
hey all! I thought this would be fun. Anyone else interested?

Adams Mystery Playhouse: “Murder In The Haunted Séance Parlor”
Fridays & Saturdays in October
2406 Federal Blvd., Denver
Chills and Spills – Screams and Crimes! Adams Mystery Playhouse presents another fantastic mystery where YOU solve a crime. This time, there’s a ghost in the mansion - haunted with the spirit of Leopold Adams. Who are these kooky and unusual “friends” of his? As the ghost attempts to make himself known, he’s sending messages meant for you and your group to help him solve his own murder! This unusual Haunted House is a Mystery Crime not to be missed! Come experience where Funny meets Scary.
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By Crix
Friday night was lots of fun, even though it WAS kind of difficult to sit through the movie for the 30th time this year without the distraction of a computer or cooking to get through.

Anyone got any pictures? The only one I got on my camera came out kind of blurry, I'll post it when I get home if I remember.

By Boomerjinks
Thing for haunted house tonight.

108th & Old Wadsworth
Directions from Boulder
Take I-36 East to Wadsworth Blvd.
Take Wadsworth South to 108th Ave.
Take 108th Ave. East to Old Wadsworth

Directions from Denver
Take I-25 North to I-36
Take I-36 West to 104th Ave. (Church Ranch Exit)
Take 104th West to Old Wadsworth
Take Old Wadsworth North to 108th Ave.
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By Crix
God damnit kevin!

I was google searching for a silly xwing picture to go with my awesome wallpaper on my myspace, and I image search 'Awesome Xwing' and guess what comes up? ... rch+Images

GTFO my internet! :lol:
By Boomerjinks
So who is all in for the parade on Saturday? My car is likely to be full going down, so we oughta convoy. Leaving here probably around 9 or 10, parade is at 12, then coming back afterwards.

Also, haunted houses run-throughs for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.
By Cadeian
Well, I'm in for Sat. - I think we really outta film the parade.
And as for run-throughs - I'm sure there are no plans I can't cancel...

Oh, and that X-Wing car is f**king neat!
By Boomerjinks
Check out the other cars:

As far as filming goes, trying to get the XL back in time, I probably wont get lucky there. In the meantime, though, I am putting out emails requesting video camera loans and such.
By Boomerjinks
With my XL2 still out for repair we are left in a lurch for the upcoming pranks. I urge anyone who has a minidv camcorder available to them to contact me as soon as possible! I have my own little shrimpy camera which is awful, and I plan on checking out some pawn shops and the like for more cheap options.

Tonight! Haunted houses! I'd like to hit the 13th door and Frightmare with a run-through. This will all start around 9:30. Currently in my car are Richie, Lea, Laura, and Logan, though this will change for the actual "pulling up and loading out" part.

Anyone else who wants to participate will have to get their own ride. I know Josh has his own car and Crix has the explorer (right?), but they will be in charge of who they take. If you can't participate tonight, don't worry, we'll be doing this again next week as well.

Tomorrow! The Casket Races!

I'd like to be in Manitou by 11AM, with the parade and races starting at noon. It takes about an hour and a half to get there, so I'd like be out the door and on the road by 9:30.

What this event consists of is sort of a small vacation-town Halloween celebration. The background is as follows:
Emma Crawford lived in Manitou Springs at the turn of the century, arriving with the hopes that the famous drinking Mineral Springs would help with a cure for her tuberculosis. Sadly, in the summer of 1890 Emma died quite young, just before she was to marry Mr. Hildebrand, an engineer on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Her wishes were to be laid to rest on top of Red Mountain. Her heartbroken fiancee and eleven other men began the arduous task her carrying Emma's coffin up to the top of Red Mountain. It took them all day, working two shifts to scale the 7200 foot Summit. After years of stormy weather on the granite mountain the granite gave way and Emma's remains were washed down the side of Red Mountain. Emma was later buried in the Manitou Springs Cemetery in an unmarked grave. An official grave site was granted to her in 2004 to honor her life. Now every year in late October, Manitou Springs remembers this beautiful young woman who loved her town and her Red Mountain with this unique festival.
More info can be seen here:

So basically, it's like Halloween combined with a Kinetics race, sort of.

We are going down as part of the DHA to participate in the hearse parade. This was a lot of fun last year, and then it was just Shauna and me doing the parade.



It will likely be ass-cold in the morning, but the forecast says about 70, so dress in layers, or bring layers.

Basically what I would like to do is get down there, hang out and take pictures, maybe grab some local grub (chocolate-covered twinkies... not even kidding), do the parade, then get the hell out of there.

On the way back up (around 2, possibly, I don't honestly know) I would like to stop at Park Meadows and do a run-through with the incense trap. I've got a path worked out so we can enter relatively undetected, then haul ass out through the food court. Hopefully it will be packed.

After that I think we're going to have a go at the 16th street mall, with full smoke bomb. Depends on how much time we have left.

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By Crix
Sounds like fun, maybe I'll head over to park meadows tomorrow with you guys, 9:30 AM is far too early for me on a saturday!

But yes, smoking trap + park meadows mall = winsauce.
By AuroraGB
Totally up for it all. How about the Haunted Houses? We paying to get in? And I left you a message Kevin. It's not a miniDV Digital, it's SD Digital camcorder, but you can use it if you want.
By cdfisk
Hey guys, this is Alex's brother Chris. I now have an account here and I'm coming with to the haunts tonight and the parade tomorrow.

And Richie, may I borrow your spare pack for tomorrow and maybe tonight? I'll treat it with respect, don't worry. ;)
By Boomerjinks
Plan of Attack for Saturday:

Meet up in the parking lot of the King Soopers on Monaco and Hampden at 9:30AM.

We will proceed from there STRAIGHT to Manitou Springs, make sure you have enough gas, Josh. ;)

Casket races start at noonish, we do that whole thing.

Afterwards we'll hit Park Meadows on the way back up. After that we go our separate ways, I gots to spend some non-ghostbuster time with Shauna.

We'll get back together wednesday or thursday night for haunted house runs, at which point we'll actually get to go THROUGH the haunted house. Should be fun.
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By Crix
So I think it's time we discussed the real issue at hand.

4 days until Halloween, and we haven't even had any suggestions for what to do!

Not that I have any suggestions, I'm just saying.
By Dr. fisk
I have some suggestions for Halloween…

1: would anyone like to join me, Josh & Richie for a costume contest and pot-luck at my King Soopers on Monaco & Leetsdale from 5pm to 6pm? The contest is only for employees, but if we go as a group of GB’s and win I’ll split the winnings in cash. 1st place is $50, 2nd is $25 & 3rd is $15. I think if there’s a group of us we may win the $50. (BTW) Kevin, will you be able to bring the Ecto?

2: more haunted houses

3: (If Kevin’s up for it) Ectoing in LoDo.

How’s that sound for Halloween?
By Cadeian
:shock: If I could articulate the happy noises I'm making right now - I would... Nice work Alex. That rules!

But, wait. Did I get volunteered for something I don't know about on Halloween?

Oh, and Crix: I love that avatar!
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By Crix
Crix wrote:So, tomorrow night, what's happening?

Better be something awesome.
Awesome with a side of 'being informed before the pictures are posted', actually. :walterpeck:
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