For users in: Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, & Utah.
By njukgb
Subject says it all- there are a few in the L.A. area- Universal City Walk and, AMC Burbank……

….if there are other's planning a mass-attending in the area, post up here and let the streams fly.
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By Jc3394
I have a few friends that will probably be going to an Irvine viewing, but if there is a larger group meeting at a certain theater (even in LA) then we would be interested in joining!
By Buster Daddy
A couple of us were planning to suit up and catch the movie on Saturday the 30th in Arcadia.... but we could just as easily meet elsewhere. I'm certain Citi Walk wouldn't allow costumes, but Burbank would be ok. I also noticed through Fandango that it's playing at the AMC Orange 30, which could be a fun place to make a costumed appearance, either before or after the movie.
By njukgb
Let me know when and where and you'll be 1 buster extra!

I heard the same thing about Citi walk not allowing costumes, but I thought that was within Universal specifically?
By Buster Daddy
Not sure if it's Citi Walk, Universal, or both, but I've always steered clear of both to play it safe. I really don't want to get man-handled by security with a proton pack on my back....

For Saturday, we were thinking of getting to the Block (or, the "Outlets at Orange", as it's called now), around 3pm and catching the 5:15pm show. Plenty of restaurants in the area for dinner afterward, as well.
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By charlesbaby2001
I am up for meeting up with a group on Saturday. Today some of us will be at:

AMC Tyler Galleria 16
3775 Tyler Avenue
Riverside, CA 92503

Time: 9PM
By njukgb
Great night with the SoCals in Riverside, followed by a great day and night with Buster Daddy and co. down in the O.C.

Looking forward to C4 with the SoCals!
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