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I just posted this in the Event forum, so I'm hoping it's okay to post here as well. I'm new to the Boards, so I'm not yet sure what cross-posting is allowed of the same text. ~Char

Hi all, I just signed up for the boards and want to share an event for Halloween. I run a business in Woodland Park, CO and we are doing a 10:00 pm Halloween Haunt-Along showing of the 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters. It will be located at our local Gold Hill Theatres, 615 Midland Ave, right by the intersection of Highways 24 and 67. We are about 20 minutes west of Colorado Springs.

Admission is $10, and if you enter coupon code " gbfans "(no quotation marks) at checkout, you can get in for $9.00 each. It will be more of an interactive showing, with costumes of any type encouraged, but no face masks. Admission can be purchased online or via phone, and you can pick up physical tickets at the theater with your confirmation number or last name on the day of the show.

Admission includes:
Ticket to Ghostbusters showing
Ghostbusters Anniversary sweet
Goodie bag for use during the movie
Customized ticket (available at door)
Chance to win door prize: LEGO Ecto-1 set with four minifigures

We will also be showing an episode of "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon after the movie (from a DVD, quality may vary). This is FREE, but technically is not included in the admission (b/c we aren't charging for it).

Contact info:, 719-428-2287, .

The theater will also be doing a regular showing on Halloween, most likely sometime between 7:00 and 7:30. Tickets for the general showing can be bought through theater (719-687-3555 or, probably sometime next week.

I just found about this community, so I haven't had a chance to look up any local GB costumers or cars, but if anyone has any questions or suggestions, please contact me. Hope to see you all there.

:cool: Char

Welcome back, SD!

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