For users in: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio & Wisconsin.
By Borzou
Welcome Midwest Region


-Galena Ghostbusters
Northern Illinois

-Ghostbusters: Chicago Division
Northeastern Illinois

-Windy City Ghostbusters
Northeastern Illinois


-Circle City Ghostbusters
Central Indiana

-Indiana Ghostbusters: Jasper Division
Southwest Indiana

-North West Indiana Ghostbusters
Northwest Indiana


-Iowa Ghostbusters
Central Iowa


-Ghostbusters SWAT
Southeast Michigan

-Michigan Ghostbusters (GBMI)

-Michigan Ghostbusters


Work In Progress


-Gateway City Ghostbusters
Eastern Missouri

-Greater St. Louis Ghostbusters
Eastern Missouri

-Springfield Ghostbusters
Southwest Missouri


Work in Progress


-Wisconsin Ghostbusters

If there is a franchise I missed or any errors I've made in the listing, please let me know via PM.

Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio: Someone please help me out. You guys have too many franchises and I can't tell which ones are real and which ones aren't.

Also, this sticky is a work in progress, so I'll be adding information frequently to adjust to our ever growing fan base.
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By deadderek
By Detective42
We've been the Michigan Ghostbusters since 2008 and are still active ( . We are members of Ghost Corp under that name, also aligned with the Midwestern Ghostbuster coalition ( ), The Great Lakes Ghostbuster Coalition ( Also are tagged on Ghostbusters International as a group under Michigan Ghostbusters (

Our leader of our group Corwin 1720 has been posting here and talking about Michigan Ghostbusters going back to a 2009 is the earliest mention I could spot ( viewtopic.php?f=65&t=10996&p=108166#p108166) . So we would be the Michigan Ghostbusters
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By deadderek
While smaller, our team has been active on and off since 2005. Our official web presence began in 2010. I'll post more later.

As a matter of fact you'll see posts on dating to 2003 from me on this subject.
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By Detective42
Quoting the team leader of Michigan Ghostbusters (GBMI)
"You can call yourself whatever you want, our history, numbers, and accomplishments as the Michigan Ghostbusters speak for themselves and we will continue to operate as such. Our identity is well established and we don't have to prove that to anyone. In my opinion If you continue to call yourself Michigan Ghostbusters you are essentially pilot fishing off of our success, rather intentionally or not you are pilot fishing off of our success...which is fine. In all honesty it actually happens a lot, so I wish you all the best! I would prefer you change the name to avoid confusion like this moving forward but that is your choice, there are multiple franchises in Michigan that we work with in the Great Lakes Coalition which we helped as a founding member (Detroit, Kalamazoo, GB SWAT to name a couple) which you are more than welcome to join in as a Michigan franchise if you change the name we have plenty of room for more teams to do parades and events with. So that would be an opportunity for you. I would much rather be friends than keep tripping over each other's toes like this, wouldn't you?"
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By deadderek
We've no issues with other Michigan franchises. We have been using the name for years.

In fact if you go back there have been several groups over the years who have called themselves the Michigan Ghostbusters. (Before either of our groups)

We are not changing the name we have been using for close to 11 years just because you're a bigger group or part of coalitions.

We can peacefully coexist and call ourselves what we want. (As we have for years)

We have been aware of Team GBMI (your group) and Ghostbusters SWAT and Motor City Ghostbusters. We've no problems with any groups. Sorry you feel that way. We would be OK with putting a disclaimer or exchanging links if you're interested.

By Detective42
All right then the team agreed while discussing earlier, we are cool with being called Michigan Ghostbusters (GBMI) on the franchise list, also asked that to be our name with AJ if that's alright with him of course. Now we are moving forward and hope it goes well with you folks. Also we hope that we can peaceful coexist from here as well. Now I hope everyone has a good night or morning in this case for me.
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By deadderek
"From here as well..."

We never had an issue. Glad to sort this out. Good luck and happy ghost busting!
By Detective42
We are sorry for being so passionate about this we've had properties that we own and was specificity made for us stolen from us and the original maker. Now note we are not saying anyone on this forum did anything of that nature but this has plagued us for awhile now. We are trying to protect Our brand and supporters. We really appreciate your understanding in this. Thank you and have a good afternoon everyone.
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By deadderek
The name "Michigan Ghostbusters" has been in use for years with various groups and I'm also happy we worked it out.
By Heroic35

Ghostbusters North - (Duluth/Iron Range)
Ghostbusters of Minnesota - (Monticello)
Twin Cities Ghostbusters - (Minneapolis/ St Paul)
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By vwgearhead
West Central Wisconsin ghostbusters, i started this group in September 2017. We are small group, we got a patch and i been working on the ecto 2 . Can look us up on facebook @westcentralwigbImageImageImage
Trying to start up a franchise to cover the Evergreen Park/Oak Lawn/Alsip/Orland/Chicago Ridge/Crestwood/Midlothian/whatever else within that radius areas.

I have no idea where the hell to begin.
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By deadderek
South Suburbs GBFan wrote: May 17th, 2021, 1:43 pm Trying to start up a franchise to cover the Evergreen Park/Oak Lawn/Alsip/Orland/Chicago Ridge/Crestwood/Midlothian/whatever else within that radius areas.

I have no idea where the hell to begin.
Easiest way to begin is to find a couple others interested in starting a team.

Join "Ghostbusters Fans Worldwide" and "Ghostbusters Franchises Worldwide" on Facebook. Then on both of those pages make a post that you're looking to start up a team and mention what area you're looking to cover.

You could even ask a couple groups more local to you for some advice as well.

Good luck!

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