For users in: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio & Wisconsin.
By ectoneon
sweet im from michigan too!!!!! that makes 2 of us
By nuclearbrew
Well 2's better than one man, at least i'm not the only one anymore, where are you from ecto?

Holly MI here 23 years old born the same year as ghostbusters, and loved it everyday of my life that I can remember
By ectoneon
from grand rapids originally, newaygo area now.. there has to be more of us
By ectoneon
all right! we're multiplying, soon we shall rule the world :D
By Quendor
I'm from south of kalamazoo, myself. Used to live in the Detroit area. I've probably watched the first movie more than anybody, and I'd like to see the numbers others come up with in challenge. Thankfully, the internet has proven I'm not the only GB freak left in the world. I try my best not to act like a dork about it, but since I want to build all the necessary props to come off as the best halloween ghostbuster ever...not sure I can do that. If I was some rich bastard, I'd probably have tried to buy out The hook and Ladder firehouse used for the external shots. Of course, I'd have to replace the new door with the old one, and somehow convert the inside to look like the internal shots somehow. I need help, don't I? :-P
By ectoneon
one day, one day, it would be sweet if it could be bought and turned into a ghosthead museum.
as for the props you just gotta go for it the results be damned i thought about it for years and always thought "i cant do that" just go for it theres nothing like the feel of strapping that pack to your back for the first time!
By omega832
Hey how's it going...sweet other people from Michigan...

I currently am in E.Lansing up at State but will be moving to Ann Arbor during the summer. Currently working on second proton pack and first ghost trap.
By mike_brewer
wow there are quite a few of us on here now, I figured when i started this post I would be the only one from michigan, looks like i was dead wrong thankfully.

As far as the michigan ghost heads web site goes I Think it would be a great idea, we could all post our pictures of our equipment and what not, at least get pictures of all of us to put onto the sight, contact me man and let's talk about this, it could be really sweet if done right.

Mike ( nuclear brew ) Brewer
By Sksstudios
Not really from Michigan, but I just moved from Toronto to Windsor, and can pretty much throw a stone into the Windsor Detroit Tunnel from where I live. I have tons of family over in Michigan and NY, and hold dual citizenships.

I guess you can consider me an honorary resident of Michigan!

By Spengs
I'm a bit confused, is that a new franchise site in the making?
By Spengs
What happened with the South East Michigan Ghostbusters? I PMed you at the time on the GBI forums on how you could finish (for now) your site. That way hopefully Michigan would have a franchise again. That is if you wanted to make those changes.

I'm sorry all for not PMing Nick this time, I wasn't trying to derail this thread.
By mike_brewer
alright fellas I have a few pics of all the gear I have made....5 guns, 2 packs, a trap, a pke meter and my full costume, and has anybody thought up a logo design for us yet? That would be sweet. get back to me . or e-mail me at

By Dr. Richardson
Royal Oak in the house. I'm 23 a huge ghost head. I work at Second City and am a huge ghost head. I have a rig that I'm continually upgrading so if anyone in the area can help me I'd greatly appreciate it.

By gbnick
So Do you have any gear such as a uniform and a pack if so you can be added to the site i just need you to email me the pics and if you can type up a quick bio. you will be all set
By lkynmbr13_69
Hey guys. I work in Metro Detroit on the weekends. Any plans of a Ghosthead gathering the weekend before halloween? We could maybe clean up a few costume parties. We could really bust some heads! In a spiritual sense of course.
By Quendor
Cancerkazoo wrote: From Grand Rapids here.

I'm getting the hint that you're originally from south of grand rapids? lol
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