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By jconover82
Good Morning,

Wondering if any Ghostbusters in the Kansas City area were aware of any events taking place on the actual 30th anniversary, June 7th (which luckily is a Saturday this year) that were taking place in the KC area? I know there is an "online" viewing scheduled worldwide, but hoping somebody knew of an actual event. I figured the Alamo Drafthouse might put something together, but alas, they have not.
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By bishopdonmiguel
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Nothing I'm aware of. Seems like a missed opportunity.
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By lucky12
Ghostbusters 30th anniversary screening. Friday, August 29th. I'm not sure of the show time yet, but the plan is to meet up before 6.

Event is being held at Phoenix Theatres Legends 14
1841 Village West Pkwy, Kansas City, Kansas 66111

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