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By deadderek
This year the Ecto-1 will be coming to the Motor City Comic Con!

I'm excited! Finally my chance to see her in person!
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By Borzou
Will it be THE Ecto 1 or someone's replica?
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By Hoot
Hard to say based on their webpage Borz - doesn't say who's bringing it or anything further.
I may go to this event to check it out at any rate. Some half decent talents out there.
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By deadderek
I've sent out a tweet and an email to see if we can get a confirmation.
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By Boomerjinks
It wouldn't happen to be the Motor City Ecto-1 that's been going to Motor City Comic Con for years, would it?

That would make sense, especially since the con website is just using that ancient CGI wallpaper of the Ecto-1 that's been on the internet since before demotivators were cool....
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By Grimmy GB
This sucks... No ecto, and I was also hoping to meet Ernie this time. I've seen him twice and not had the extra cash to get a signature.

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